Killer Queen Sea Tour 2014

Killer Queen Sea Tour 2014

The Ship: The Flash Gordon is adorned with velvet and leather. Every cabin is equipped with hooks, clamps and handcuffs.

Dress Code: Leather daddy.

Menu: All of Freddie’s favorites: spare ribs, chili con carne, Indian food, Chinese food and anything spicy. There will be bowls of hot sauce served as condiments with every meal. Godiva chocolate. The only beverage allowed aboard will be champagne.

Route: From Zanzibar to London by way of Madagascar, South Africa and Spain’s Basque region.

Special Activities: Bicycle races, a fat bottom dancing contest, gay guy/ straight girl best friend quizzes, bondage play, a falsetto singing competition. Guests will gather with a medium to channel the spirit of Freddie Mercury. All living band members will perform.