Man Goes Through Simulated Childbirth To See If He Can Handle The Pain

By: Nikki Dowling / October 15, 2009

We’ve all heard the old women-versus-men pain threshold debate. It almost always goes the same way. A man in the middle of a crowded bar raucously boasts that he can withstand more pain than a woman. Any woman! Then, some gal in his vicinity gently puts down her gin and tonic, peers over her… More »

Good Sex Makes Babies

By: Catherine Strawn / March 25, 2009

More babies are made when the people involved in the process have orgasms. When men are fully stimulated, they ejaculate up to 50 percent more than during just any ole intercourse, and an extra five minutes of going at it before he gets off can produce even more sperm. For women, scientists believe that having… More »

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