Pole Dancing For Kids?

By: Ami Angelowicz / September 7, 2012
A Canadian dance studio has announced that they will offer pole dancing classes for children as young as five. You heard that correctly. Pole dancing FOR KIDS. While this may sound totally inappropriate, Kristy Craig of Duncan's Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio on Vancouver Island insists that there's nothing untoward about it. "There i… More »

The Soapbox: Of Little Girls And LEGOs

By: Avital Norman Nathman / September 7, 2012
You can’t walk through my home barefoot without stepping on a colorful, sharp piece of plastic at least once. Yes, we are one of the families that helps ensure that Lego’s sales and profits continue to rise in an economy where many toy manufacturers are struggling. And apparently, we’re not the only ones: Lego i… More »

11 Dumb Toys That Made Somebody Rich

By: TruTV / September 6, 2012
Silly toys may be child's play, but that doesn't mean they aren't big business. Here are 11 of the dumbest items that, in the hands of children, turned into pure gold for the people who sold them. Silly Bandz These goofy wristbands are just silicone rubber, formed into shapes. That's it. A pack of 24… More »

Every Kid Deserves To Have A Farting, Pooping Doll

By: Ami Angelowicz / September 6, 2012
I'm of the opinion that the sooner kids figure out how the whole eating/farting/pooping cycle works, the better. Kong Suni, the gassy baby doll sweeping South Korea, does just that. Designed to help with the potty training process, this apple-cheeked doll eats cereal, farts when you press her tummy and eliminates waste in a tiny… More »

Breastfeeding Mom Banned From Maryland Gym

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 24, 2012
A breastfeeding woman in Annapolis, Maryland, has been banned from her gym because she refused to cover up. However, Maryland law says women are allowed to breastfeed anywhere they are legally allowed to be with their children. [Capital Gazette] An interview with a lapsed Christian virgin about "purity." [The Hairpin] On the coat hanger a… More »

Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels Talks About Being A Porn Star Parent

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 23, 2012
"I try to do something fun with her every day. I just consider myself to be especially blessed, and people who knock porn, well, it affords me to be with my daughter … [When she's old enough] I’ll tell her Mommy has a job that some people don’t approve of, but Mommy’s proud of it… More »

Girl Talk: I Had An Abortion

By: Eyelid / August 17, 2012
This piece first appeared on Eyelid's LiveJournal and has been reprinted with her permission. You can read some clarifying background info here. So uh, don't freak out, but I was pregnant and had to have an abortion last weekend. Yes, yes I know, my uterus is ruled by Murphy's Law.  Patrick and I both thought it… More »

Winnie Cooper’s Baby Is Memorizing The Quadratic Formula

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / August 16, 2012
"We’re working on some things. He knows his colors and his shapes. He still gets seven when he counts the toes on one foot — he really likes seven right now! He likes it when I recite Pi. And I’m trying to teach him the quadratic formula. He hasn’t quite gotten it yet. It’s sung… More »

Sydney Spies, Teen Accused Of Sexy Yearbook Photo, Is Arrested With Her Mother

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 15, 2012
Quick recap here. Sydney Spies is the Colorado high school student whose senior photo was deemed too sexy for her yearbook. Then, she and her mother Miki went on "The Today Show" to defend her right to express herself "artistically." The whole kerfuffle helped land her a role in the upcoming SyFy channel movie "American Horror… More »

It’s Time To Cry: Father Sings “Let It Be” To Raise Money For Son’s Cancer Treatment

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / August 14, 2012
On July 15th, Mike Massé's infant son Noah was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. As the family scrambled to find the best care for their son, and the medical bills started piling up, Mike came up with a creative way to raise some extra money: he recorded an acoustic cover of The Beatles' song… More »

Lego Piece Stuck In Kid’s Nose For 3 Years

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 11, 2012
Words I never want to read again: "Last week, doctors found a Lego piece in a ball of fungus in a boy's nose." The unlucky child who had a Lego trapped in his sinuses was 6-year-old Isaak Lasson of Salt Lake City. Wait for it … it's been up in there for three years! The… More »

Mom Sues After Parents Magazine Breastfeeding Video Ends Up On Porn Site

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 9, 2012
Two years ago, a New Jersey mom filmed an educational video about breastfeeding for Parents magazine's website and their associated YouTube channel. Then, to MaryAnn Sahourey's great horror, some asshole took the video, spliced it with pornography of a woman who looked like Sahourey having sex, and reposted it online. The kicker is that both Sahourey's name… More »

Daddy Has A Penis, Grandma Has A Pagina

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 8, 2012
The moment in a child's life when he or she learns about genitalia is a precious one, second only to the moment when they realize everybody poops. I know it is weird, but I can still remember when I learned that my older brother had a penis and I didn't.  This little girl Bailey just… More »

The Soapbox: Yes, Women Writers Without Kids “Understand Human Emotions”

By: Diane Shipley / August 3, 2012
The death of Irish novelist Maeve Binchy earlier this week has inspired a lot of articles, most of them warm tributes to her kind heart, quick wit, and writing ability. British novelist Amanda Craig took a different tack. In a piece published today by The Telegraph, she wonders whether Binchy might have been a better writer if she… More » The Facebook Baby Photo Exterminator

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 2, 2012
The worst is yet to come, but it has already begun: high school and college friends whose Facebook pages are 24/7 baby pics. Babies crying. Babies smiling. Babies staring blankly at the camera. Babies in silly hats. Babies in silly outfits. Babies and mommies and daddies and dogs and cats. Babies babies BABIES. My ovarie… More »

A 3D Replica Of Your Fetus Is A Thing You Can Get

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 2, 2012
No, that's not the world's creepiest ice cube — it's "Shape Of An Angel," a 3D ultrasound. An MRI scans your fetus and a tiny replica is printed out in a 3D printer, hovering midair in clear resin and encased in a jewelry box. (Because why not display your 3D fetus to guests inside a… More »

Girl Talk: When Is The Right Time To Meet His Kids?

By: Jessica Wakeman / August 1, 2012
I had the fantasy in my head that a lot of heterosexual, child-wanting women probably have: I'll date someone single and unattached, we'll get married, and pump out a couple of squirts together. It's not that I thought there was anything wrong with dating someone who had already been married and/or mated. My mother i… More »

Should Heidi Klum Get Her “Responsible Mom” Card Revoked For Letting Her Girls Wear Lipstick?

By: Rachel Krause / July 25, 2012
Growing up, I was never given any restrictions regarding whether or not I could wear makeup, or how much makeup I was allowed to wear. My parents, who are admittedly pretty laissez faire by most standards, are also the type to choose their battles, and what I put on my face was just not one… More »

Company Tweets Baby Bottles Will Help “Reclaim Your Wife”

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 24, 2012
Breasts. You may have heard of their alternate use as feeding mechanisms for tiny offspring. You may also have heard of their function in women's sexual pleasure. But let us not forget the real purpose of a lady's chesticles: sexual pleasure for her husband. And all that time a new mama spends nursing? That's time… More »

Brave Mom Helps Capture 9-Year-Old Daughter’s Would-Be Rapist

By: The Stir / July 18, 2012
It's a story so sick and twisted, it's difficult to even comprehend, but fortunately it didn't end as badly as it could have. Ryan Firoved of Kirkland, Washington, is a registered sex offender, who had arranged to meet and rape his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter. Thankfully, the brave mother was able to work with police to… More »

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