The Soapbox: No, Nickelodeon, Mothers Do Not Need Our Own TV Channel

By: Avital Norman Nathman / October 16, 2012
I’m a TV junkie. Once my kid finally falls asleep, you’ll find me splayed out on the couch, flipping through the over 800 channels we apparently subscribe to. And my tastes run rampant: I’m just as happy sitting through an hour of "Alphas" on the Syfy channel as I am watching Barry’s antics on "Storage… More »

The Soapbox: It’s Kids’ Options For Halloween Costumes That Are Truly Scary

By: Avital Norman Nathman / October 15, 2012
I’ve always loved Halloween. The candy, the Jack-O-Lanterns, the parties, and of course, the costumes. I’m no stranger to awesome Halloween costumes. I’ve been everything from a box of crayons (four-years-old) to a genie (10-years-old) to Britney Spears pre-public meltdown (27-years-old, while eight months pregnant — it was a truly brilliant costume if I say… More »

What Was The Worst Meal Your Parents Used To Make?

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / October 15, 2012
This is Dan Toombs, but you might know him as The Curry Guy, because every single night for the past year, he's made his family dinner using curry. Chicken korma, tandoori masala, and less traditional recipes like currywurst and curry-spiced turkey Christmas turkey, you name it--if it involves curry, he's probably cooked it. As soo… More »

Amy Poehler Explains It All: Dealing With Your Parents

By: Jessica Wakeman / October 14, 2012
Amy Poehler's "Ask Amy" advice series is never not amazing and this week's segment on how to deal with your parents is no different. Even though "Ask Amy" is for teenaged girls, Poehler's super-smart advice works for daughters of any age ... including those of us in the "why aren't you married and giving me… More »

If Your 11-Year-Old Asks For A Tattoo, You Should Probably Say No

By: Ami Angelowicz / October 8, 2012
A North Carolina woman named Odessa Clay is set to stand trial for tattooing her 11-year-old daughter with a "small, heart-shaped tattoo near her right shoulder." The 30-year-old's excuse for tattooing her little girl last September? "She asked me to do it," Clay explained. Instead of saying, "I'm sorry honey, you'll have to wait until… More »

The Soapbox: On “Helicopter Parents” And “Free Range Kids”

By: Avital Norman Nathman / October 4, 2012
I grew up in the ‘80s on a tree-lined neighborhood that skirted the edge of New Haven, Connecticut. Nobody really traveled down my short street unless they lived there or were visiting, and my family was friendly with all of our neighbors. With a backyard that was mostly brambling bushes and trees, I spent the… More »

Australia Enacts Paid Parental Leave For Dads, Gay Couples

By: Jessica Wakeman / October 3, 2012
In America, we don't have even have nationwide paid maternal leave. We just have the Family And Medical Leave Act, which ensures three months of unpaid job-protected leave for a new mom. Look and learn, folks, because Australia is putting us all to shame: starting in 2013, Aussies will have the Dad And Partner Leave… More »

People Are Not Laughing About This Picture Of A Baby Doing A Keg Stand

By: Ami Angelowicz / September 30, 2012
Arizona State University police were not laughing about this picture of what appears to be a baby doing a keg stand at an ASU tailgate party. Authorities are still unclear if the photo, which originally appeared on The Dirty, was a an act of Photoshop or a real photo-op. Investigation in progress. I certainly hope… More »

Kids’ Parties In Florida Now Include Alligators In The Swimming Pool

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 29, 2012
Oh, Florida. A new "trend" at kids' birthday parties in the always-entertaining state is having alligators in the swimming pool. A company called Alligator Attractions brings juvenile alligators with their mouths taped shut over and lets them swim in the pool with the children. But don't worry, parents — kids get a lesson on "alligator… More »

How Do We Feel About The “Kid Shaming” Meme?

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 28, 2012
Nothing on the Internet is better than the dog shaming meme: pet owners post pictures of their pups with signs around their necks reading stuff like "I ate my own barf" and "I like to hump this cat." I keep trying to get Amelia to submit a photo of Lucca but she insists her dog… More »

Girl Talk: I Am My Mother’s Least Favorite Child

By: Daisy Barringer / September 28, 2012
When I was little, I was convinced my mother hated me. Between my two older brothers and me, I was positive I was the one she liked least. Even at a young age I could sense I was a disappointment, that I didn’t fit the stereotype of her dream daughter: sweet, demure, cooperative, loving. I… More »

Hitched: Why My Husband Is Getting A Vasectomy

By: Andrea Grimes / September 26, 2012
I’ve been walking around with a sketch of a uterus and cervix in my reporter’s notebook for several weeks now, courtesy of my gynecologist. She drew it while explaining to me how an IUD works. I keep it around both because I like it as a conversation piece and because when you write about ladypart… More »

The Best Father/Daughter Portraits Maybe Ever

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 26, 2012
Meet Dave Engledow and his daughter Alice Bee. When Alice was born, Engledow wanted to document her life and their relationship in a unique way, so he started taking these elaborate photos with her, in which he's depicted as the anti-World's Best Dad. They are hilarious, sweet, and such a fantastic tribute to their relationshi… More »

The Soapbox: Why Choosing Your Baby’s Sex Is Gambling On Gender Stereotypes

By: Avital Norman Nathman / September 21, 2012
There are many in Western society that seem to band together anytime the subject of sex-selective abortion in foreign countries comes up. It’s a tricky topic, especially for those of us who favor unfettered abortion access. Outrage and incomprehension over aborting female fetuses in favor of males is usually the default response, with many claiming… More »

Frisky Q&A: Jessica Valenti, Author Of “Why Have Kids?” Plus, Enter To Win A Kindle Fire!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 20, 2012
Go to the parenting section of any bookstore and there are hundreds of thousands of pages to read on how to do it and setting expectations for what the experiences should be like. Very few tackle the question of why a person, in particular a woman, should/would become a parent, and even fewer from a feminist… More »

The Soapbox: On Rupert Everett & Having Gay Parents

By: Suzanne Turner / September 18, 2012
The actor Rupert Everett, who is gay, believes children should have a "mother and a father." My father, who is also gay, shared the same beliefs. So did my gay mother. So did my gay father-in-law. So, in fact, did the Christopher Plummer character in "Beginners." But can it be true that there’s "[nothing] worse than being… More »

Man Points Gun At Pregnant Smoker, Fails At Life

By: Jessica Wakeman / September 16, 2012
Smoking while pregnant isn't defensible. But you know what else isn't defensible? Pointing a gun at a pregnant woman. More »

Mom Trades In SUV For Family Bike; Makes The Rest Of Us Look Incredibly Lazy

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / September 11, 2012
This is Emily Finch, a mother of six who traded in her gas-guzzling Suburban for a thigh-burning family bike. Apparently a full load of kids, gear, and groceries can weigh up to 550 pounds, but Finch keeps pedaling away in her cute wedge sandals, making sure to "rotate kids into pumping position to keep them… More »

How To Tell Quadruplets Apart

By: Ami Angelowicz / September 10, 2012
Clearly, the most creative way to tell quadruplets apart is to shave numbers onto their heads. In China, that's exactly what the mother of identical, six-year-old boys did. "My sons are identical, even to me," said their mother, Tan Chaoyun."Even now, their father can't tell which one is which … Sometimes, he punishes the second… More »

Attorney General Lisa Madigan Fires Back Against Sexist Questions

By: Daley Quinn / September 7, 2012
This week at the National Democratic Convention, sexism seeped out of the mouths of three Chicago Sun-Times reporters when asking Attorney General Lisa Madigan about her potential run for governor. The reporters, Dave McKinney, Fran Spielman, and Natasha Korecki, raised the question of "whether she could serve as governor and still raise her kids the way… More »

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