Justin Bieber’s Dad On Justin Bieber’s Dick: “#Proud”

Megan Reynolds / October 9, 2015

I’m so very sorry for this. … More »

Make It Stop: “I Feel Guilty For Ruining A Great Relationship”

Anna Goldfarb / October 9, 2015

Ughhhh, the regret! More »

Does This Deceased ISIS Member Look Like Drake?

Megan Reynolds / October 9, 2015

He kind of does. Or maybe he doesn’t. Help. … More »

Does Feminism Need To Get Over The Wave Thing?

Robyn Pennacchia / October 9, 2015

The feminist waves are too reductive to encompass all of feminism. More »

Diane Keaton’s Wine Is Meant To Be Served Over Ice, As Nature Intended

Megan Reynolds / October 9, 2015

It’s called The Keaton, and it sounds delightful. Also, wine over ice is the best, don’t come for me. … More »

This Ad For The Squatty Potty, Featuring A Unicorn Pooping Rainbow Soft Serve, Is Brilliant

Good morning! TGIF! Here’s an ad for something called the Squatty Potty, a little stool that slides underneath your feet as you sit on the toilet, elevating your knees into what’s considered proper pooping position. How do you make a commercial about such a topic and product engaging and entertaining and watchable? With rainbow soft-serve pooping… More »

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