Melissa McCarthy Tweets A Photo Of The Ladies Of “Ghostbusters”

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 26, 2015

“When we stand together we are unstoppable!”More »

Hey Y’all, Paula Deen Is Going To Be On “Dancing With The Stars”

Megan Reynolds / August 26, 2015

*insert hacky joke about butter*… More »

This Cecil The Lion “Killer Dentist” Costume Is Perfect For Halloween (If You’re Terrible)

If having a laugh at the expense of trans women like Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t sound like your ideal Halloween, here’s another tasteless costume to consider: Cecil the Lion’s “Killer Dentist” Walter Palmer! For $59.99, 15 percent of which will allegedly go to “a Wildlife Foundation,” will send you “a severed lion’s head mask, bloody… More »

Josh Duggar Likes It Rough, Is Headed For Rehab Of Some Kind

Robyn Pennacchia / August 26, 2015

The hits, they keep on comin’. More »

Columbia Students Aren’t Too Pleased With New “Consent Is Bae” Campaign

Megan Reynolds / August 26, 2015

Students at Columbia are upset because of a new awareness campaign around the issue of consent started by the school’s Sexual Violence Response(SVR) organization. As reported by Jezebel, a tipster sent in a photo of the posters, which read “Consent Is Bae.” The anonymous tipster is unhappy with this campaign, claiming that it “trivializes consent… More »

Judge Denies Man Copyright For Basic Chicken Sandwich

Robyn Pennacchia / August 26, 2015

Surprise! You cannot copyright a regular chicken sandwich and expect anyone to give you $10 million. … More »

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