Utah Parents Kill Themselves, Three Of Their Kids For Fear Of The Apocalypse

Last year, the bodies of Benjamin and Kristi Strack, along with three of their children were found in a locked room in their home in Springfield, Utah. On Tuesday, police held a press conference revealing that the Stracks had likely killed themselves and the children in order to avoid “evil in the world” and what they believed were the coming horrors of the apocalypse.

The Stracks and their children overdosed on cold medications, methadone and — in Benjamin’s case — heroin, most of which was drunk from a beach pail. They were found by Kristi Strack’s 27-year-old son from a previous marriage and their grandmother. Keep reading »

The First Trailer For The “Wet Hot American Summer” Series Is Here!

Wet Hot American Summer
Are You Excited Yet?

In case you haven’t heard, “Wet Hot American Summer” is making a comeback — in Netflix form! The eight-episode miniseries will tell follow the story of the very first day at Camp Firewood in the summer of ’81. Original stars Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks will return for the series, and while the trailer reveals pretty much nothing at this point, it’s clear that the series’ summer premiere is worth looking forward to! [Daily Dot]


Frisky Reads: Get In Trouble By Kelly Link

I was the kind of kid who eschewed children’s literature for Mary Higgins Clark and Steven King by the time I was maybe six or seven. By ten I was reading, and worshiping, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman graphic novel series and making my way through A Midsummer Night’s Dream. By high school, my favorite book was Antoine de Saint-Éxupery’s The Little Prince. I read Vonnegut and Bradbury with far greater enthusiasm than my classmates. You see where I’m going with this: I love fairy tales, mythologies, theologies, mysteries, aliens, ghosts, monsters, other worlds, other universes, and the whole range of possibilities that the fact of existence suggests. Keep reading »

Nancy Grace Tells Weed Advocate He’s “Obviously Stoned”

Nancy Grace
Take A Shot Every Time She Says "Marijuana Cookie"

In her bizarre ongoing quest to deem recreational pot a Grave Threat To These Great United States, Nancy Grace continues to string together and snowball isolated incidents in which people ingest marijuana and then wreak havoc, regardless of whether the pot is actually the key cause of the behavior in those scenarios. In her latest on-air hysteria last night, NORML’s Norm Kent, a marijuana advocate, told Grace, “Your argument is not real because you take isolated instances of aberrant behavior and try to make them standardized for all marijuana users. And once and for all, Nancy, have you no conscience?” The made her head grow close to exploding, so she handled things the mature way and accused Kent of being high: “I was really just looking for an answer to the question, but obviously you’re stoned.” Keep reading »

A Eulogy For My AIM Screen Names, My Former Lives

Late Monday night, as I was wildly searching “what to do in a power outage” instead of gathering my candles and stick lighters and putting them in the same easily accessible place as normal people do when preparing for inclement weather, Facebook went down around 1:30 a.m. How did I find out? When my particularly witty Tinder conversation got cut short too soon, as Tinder tumbled too. Then went Instagram. The big three of millennial flirting were all down for the count (PornHub still totally fine, don’t worry, I checked, thank god), but it wasn’t until AIM — AOL Instant Messenger — went down that I really felt like my entire Internet existence might collapse into a pile of digital rubble, with the remnants of my prepubescent genital lust left in a smoldering pile of ash, never to be properly eulogized. Keep reading »

Beauty Test Drive: Merle Norman Pro Glitter Eye Palette

While I used to love eye shadow in, say, the 7th grade, I’m generally pretty stumped on how to wear it in an everyday context. When I set out to test the Merle Norman Pro Glitter Eye Pallette I figured its rich, sparkly shades were a look I could only wear on a night out, but after I little experimentation I realized there’s more  Keep reading »

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