Janet Jackson’s “No Sleeep” Video Features J. Cole (Why?) And One Grown-Ass Night

By: Megan Reynolds / July 24, 2015

What’s better than one J.Cole? Three J.Coles, clearly. … More »

Watch Amy Schumer Totally Own An Asshole Interviewer

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / July 24, 2015

On the press tour for her rom-com “Trainwreck,” Amy Schumer had the pleasure to be interviewed by Australian radio hosts Jane Hall and Matt Tilley. Hall and Schumer were talking about the costume designer’s decision to make all of Schumer’s dresses in the movie just a tiny bit on the side of “too short” whe… More »

The Concept of “Earth 2″ Is Alternately Frightening And Exhilarating

By: Megan Reynolds / July 24, 2015

Are aliens actually cool? Hmmmm … probably not. … More »

Good Morning, Here’s A Guy Surfing While On Fire

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / July 24, 2015

Red Bull put some poor adrenaline junkie (Jamie O’Brien) up to surfing with flames coming off of his body. FLAMES, people. Remember when Red Bull’s marketing strategy was those doofy little commercials in which little cartoon people would grow wings and fly away? Yeah, no more of that. Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, Red… More »

Gunman, Identified As John Russell Houser, Kills 3, Injures 9, In Latest Mass Shooting

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 24, 2015

Last night, at the Grand Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, an older white male, now identified as John Russell Houser, 58, opened fire during a showing of “Trainwreck,” killing two people and injuring nine others. In total, Houser fired 15 shots, left the theater briefly before reportedly being forced back inside by responding officers, and turning… More »

Wyatt Cenac Says Jon Stewart Told Him To “Fuck Off!”

By: Robyn Pennacchia / July 23, 2015

Also: Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran semi-apologize, and ScarJo got a dye job. More »

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