USA Gymnastics Allegedly Failed To Report Sexual Abuse From Coaches For Years

USA Gymnastics officials admitted under oath during a lawsuit that the organization has a policy in place that tells coaches to ignore abuse allegations that are just “hearsay” and only report allegations that are detailed in a written statement. More »

Texas Has More Anti-Abortion Tricks Up Its Sleeve After The Supreme Court Loss

The Supreme Court striking down harmful abortion regulations in Texas in June was a huge victory for reproductive rights, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. More »

Reactions To Orlando Bloom’s Naked Photo Would Be Very Different If It Were A Woman’s Exposed Body

Let’s discuss.  More »

A Little Boy Called Out Mike Pence For “Softening Up” Trump’s Horrible Words

Pence decided to attach himself to Team Trump, which inevitably comes with the job of following up all of the candidate’s comments with less offensive, and sometimes completely contradictory, statements. More »

Kim Kardashian Has Been Using A Blackberry This Whole Time

A Blackberry Bold, to be precise. More »

President Obama’s Feminist Essay In ‘Glamour’ Shows How Far He’s Come

I like a guy who can admit when he’s wrong. More »

A Kentucky High School Banned Black Hairstyles, Which Obviously Didn’t Go Over Well

Louisville, Kentucky-based Butler Traditional High School’s personal grooming section of their policy specifically named dreadlocks, cornrows (which it called “cornrolls”), twists, and mohawks as styles that would not be permitted at the school. More »

Kris Jenner Was In A Car Crash That Destroyed Her Brand New Rolls-Royce

Fear not everyone, the Kween of the Kardashian Krew had the angels of heaven on her side, and she’s OK. More »

The Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks A Trans Bathroom Ruling For A Virginia Teen

The unnecessary war against transgender people using the bathroom that correlates with their true gender identity continues. More »

Clint Eastwood Thinks We Should All Get Over Donald Trump’s Blatant Racism

In his recent cover story for Esquire, Eastwood called millennials a “pussy generation” because they are offended by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s endless racist and sexist commentary. More »

Korryn Gaines’ Facebook Was Deactivated Because She Was Filming The Police

In a news conference Tuesday, the Baltimore police said they asked Facebook and Instagram to deactivate Gaines’ accounts because her followers were telling her to resist their orders. More »

President Obama Breaks The Record For Shortening The Most Inmates’ Sentences In A Single Day

Of the 214 people granted clemency Wednesday, 67 were serving life sentences, almost all for nonviolent drug crimes. More »

A PR Internship For Women Over 40 Brings ‘The Intern’ To The Real World

It’s pretty genius. More »

Angela Rye Brings Beyonce Into Political Commentary Because She’s Also A Queen

Rye continues to prove she’s the best — and most entertaining — political commentator in the game.   More »

The Real Zac Efron Was On Tinder, And You Might Have Swiped Left On Him

Dude, you fucked up big time. More »

An Elite Rhode Island Boarding School Agrees To Settle Up To 30 Abuse Cases

“It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to receive this kind of validation and support, after all these years,” said Anne Scott, whose alleged she was raped in the ’70s. More »

Everything You Need To Know To Watch The 2016 Olympics In Rio De Janeiro

Get your Team USA gear ready. More »

Massachusetts Just Took A Big Step Toward Closing The Gender Wage Gap

Employers can add to the wage gap without even realizing it, which is why this new law is so important. More »

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