‘Double Dare’ Will Be Resurrected For One Glorious Week Of Slime

Warning: nostalgia-related content ahead. More »

The DOJ Will Investigate At Least One Of This Week’s Police Shootings, Though History Leaves Little Room For Optimism

Over the course of the week, two black men were fatally shot by police officers in separate states. More »

5 Fucked Up Things To Remember About Hillary Clinton While You Definitely Vote For Her Anyway

Obligatory reminder that the all-out circus act of unfortunate options that the presidential election has become should be a nice prompt to pay even more attention to local and state elections, which arguably hold even more power in dictating what kind of country we live in. BYE. More »

An Illinois Man Was Arrested For Flag Burning, But Is It Actually Illegal?

He posted a picture of himself burning an American flag on Facebook on the Fourth of July. More »

Calvin Harris Wrote A Breakup Song About Taylor Swift, Beating Her At Her Own Game

Hell hath no fury like a scorned Scottish DJ. More »

E-Cigarettes Have Been Exploding In People’s Faces And Causing Serious Injuries

Because e-cigs are terrible. More »

A Fashion Designer Made A Dress Out Of Pubes, And It Looks As Gross As It Sounds

If you thought Lady Gaga was the queen of crazy outfits, think again. More »

A Chipotle Executive In Charge Of Rebranding Is Arrested On Cocaine Charges

Given the fact that Chipotle made the news earlier in the year both for E. coli and gender discrimination, this new cocaine-fueled news splash can’t be helpful. More »

A Twitter Troll Compared Taylor Swift’s Vagina To A Ham Sandwich. Just, No.

What do ham sandwiches and women’s genitals have in common? Not a damn thing. More »

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Fairytale Wedding Is Giving Us All the Sappy Feels

The duo, who have been giving us serious #relationshipgoals since they were first spotted at a White House dinner in 2015, decided to share their exciting news via Instagram Wednesday. More »

A Minnesota Police Shooting Leaves Another Black Man Dead, The Aftermath Live-Streamed On Facebook

Like the death of Alton Sterling in Louisiana Tuesday, Wednesday’s shooting was captured on video, but instead of popping up online in the following days, it was streamed live on Facebook by a passenger in the car. More »

“Hands,” A Beautiful Song For Orlando Victims, Includes Tons Of Celeb Voices

Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Jason Derulo, Meghan Trainor, Juanes, Pink, Mary J. Blige, Selena Gomez, and Britney Spears are among the many artists featured on the track. More »

Who Are The New ‘Hamilton’ Cast Members? Three Performers Are Leaving Big Shoes To Fill

Luckily, the new Hamilton cast members have been announced, so we don’t have to sit around and anxiously speculate. More »

Marvel’s New Iron Man Is A Black Teenage Girl, Which Is The Best News Ever

And she’s an awesome science geek. More »

You Need To Watch This ‘American Horror Story’ And ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Mashup Immediately

This video brings together three of my favorite things: RuPaul’s Drag RaceAmerican Horror Story, and parody. More »

The Marine Corps Finally Changed Its Strict Weight Requirements For Women

So they can beef up. More »

Oscar Pistorius Is Sentenced For Murder, But He Got Off Relatively Easy

It what was a long-coming and sadly underwhelming development in the infamous murder case. More »

Watch Courtney Barnett’s New Video For “Elevator Operator” Because It’s So Damn Good

America’s Sweetheart (OK, she’s from Australia but I can dream of the day when she’s America’s fave), Courtney Barnett, has a new video out for “Elevator Operator” and it’s as wonderfully weird as you’d hope.

You probably already know and love Barnett but if you don’t, your life is about to get so… More »

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