Amber Rose hated her first threesome, and let’s be honest, most are awkward

Despite the fact that her outspoken sex-positive image might cause viewers to assume she’s already explored the world of threesomes, the encounter with the man and woman marked her first, and according to her reviews, her last. More »

High school girl shoots classmate and then herself in worst act of gender equality ever

While we obviously want women to be treated as equals to men in every category of life, we could sit this one out. More »

Air China gives passengers extremely racist travel tips on London areas to avoid

I wonder what London’s Pakistani mayor thinks about that. More »

12 fall books to read with red wine in hand

Because some books are red wine books. More »

Japan no longer has a ban on dancing because yes, Japan previously had a ban on dancing

In news I never thought I’d write in my lifetime because it’s so Footloose-esque and also I’ve never seen Footloose but I hear it’s about a dancing ban, Japan has lifted their 67-year-old ban on dancing without a dancing license. More »

An accused rapist thought the woman was crying because his dick was too big

Men accused of rape claiming the sex was consensual is an age-old tale, but one bloke took it to a new disgusting level. More »

The 2016 College Rapist Calendar is hilarious and depressing in the best way

If you’ve been having a rough past few months watching the whole Brock Turner saga go down and are in desperate need of some levity surrounding the increasingly-depressing issue of sexual violence going unpunished, writer Ali Ozeri has gifted us with The 2016 College Rapist Calendar. More »

Watch Katy Perry surprise an Orlando survivor on ‘Ellen’ and just try not to cry

Ellen DeGeneres loves a good surprise, and her latest reveal was almost too much to handle.  More »

Elizabeth Gilbert is dating her best friend after an ironic divorce from her ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ husband

So much for that.   More »

12 times Donald Trump looked extremely presidential and ready to lead the nation

Stay classy, Donald. More »

Congress passes the Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act to preserve rape kits in federal cases

Every now and then, Congress actually does something useful. More »

When internet memes attack: The Netflix and chill movie the world doesn’t need

While this film seems like a clear WTF, the writer seems very confident in his abilities. More »

Teyana Taylor is taking the world by storm. Here’s what her next moves should be.

While she is no doubt honored that people admire her body, it would be nice to see Teyana ride this current wave toward new projects and continue to cement her status as someone that the world should not stop watching. More »

This woman allegedly set a stranger’s car on fire because she thought it was her ex-boyfriend’s

You know that thing where you break up with someone crappy and it’s so painful that you almost want to hurt them in some way because you’re hurting so much, but instead you just do nothing and just eat chips alone? Well, that did not happen here. More »

The 10 best Twitter reactions to Apple’s AirPods everyone’s already lost

Everyone lost their collective shit after discovering the new iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack for the current Apple headphones. More »

Here’s how worried you should be about the Zika virus in the United States

While Congress struggles to get anything done, here’s what you need to know. More »

As New York says goodbye to the tampon tax, 9 other states could soon follow

2016 wasn’t dubbed the “Year of the Period” for no reason. More »

Bisexual Men (Who Definitely Do Exist) Are Better Boyfriends and Dads, Study Finds

According to a new study from Deakin University, not only do male bisexuals exist (duh, come on, obviously), they’re actually better partners and parents. Boom. It’s happening. Study said so!More »

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