Workout’s A Drag? Not When You’re Working Out With Drag Queens!

By: Robyn Pennacchia / May 23, 2015

You know you want to work out with Pandora Boxx! More »

Just No: Bedazzling Poop Is A Thing

By: College Candy / May 23, 2015

Leave it to New York City to come up with some weird shit like this. Literally.

This nonsense half makes me want to vomit, and half makes me question people’s life choices. I’m not sure why this suddenly became a thing, or even how. Like, were these people sitting at a coffee sho… More »

Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Listen To These Albums If You Must Be Around People

By: Megan Reynolds / May 23, 2015

Let Rich Homie Quan, Shamir and Tanlines ease you into summer right. … More »

Holy Shit, It’s Been 10 Whole Years Since Tom Cruise Jumped On The Couch!

By: Robyn Pennacchia / May 23, 2015

Happy Couchiversary! More »

Gay Marriage On Track For Win In Historic Ireland Vote

By: Newser / May 23, 2015

The world is about to have its first country to accept gay marriage through a popular vote. Though final results aren’t expected for hours, both sides say the “yes” side has won an easy victory in yesterday’s referendum, reports the Irish Times. One of the main opponents conceded as much in a tweet: “Congratulations to… More »

Producer, Star Both Defend Awful “Jem” Trailer

By: Jenn Frank / May 23, 2015

Stefanie Scott, who plays Kimber, and Jem producer Jason Blum both implore viewers to withhold judgment. More »

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