Frisky Q&A: Lisa Lampanelli Talks Divorce, Self-Acceptance & Twitter Haters

By: Katrin Higher / June 26, 2015

Tonight is the premiere of comedian Lisa Lampanelli’s much anticipated fifth stand-up special, “Back to the Drawing Board,” and here’s a little scoop: She’s funnier than ever. The equal opportunity offender has a new look (having recently shed 100 lbs) and is recently divorced, and both changes are reflected in what is her most honest… More »

Make It Stop: “How Do I Become More Girly?”

By: Anna Goldfarb / June 26, 2015

Seriously, makeup can be confusing. More »

All Of My Feelings About The SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision Expressed In GIFs

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / June 26, 2015

There are no words to express my feelings, only gifs. More »

Yes, Ted Nugent, You Can Say The N-Word…

By: Robyn Pennacchia / June 26, 2015

Sure, you can say it — but everyone else then has the right to think you are a racist asshole. More »

The Frisky’s Summer Reading Guide

By: Megan Reynolds / June 26, 2015

Spend all summer reading – or throw this guide in the ocean and walk away. Your call. … More »

This Gorilla Is Fly As Hell

By: Megan Reynolds / June 26, 2015

This gorilla is disconcertingly handsome. … More »

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