No, Just No: Jose Canseco Plans To “Live As A Woman” For A Week In “Support” Of Caitlyn Jenner

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 29, 2015

According to TMZ, four-fingered former baseball player Jose Canseco says that on his upcoming reality show, “Spend The Day With Jose,” he’ll be showing his support for Caitlyn Jenner by “living as a woman” for a week. While it’s nice and all that Canseco is supportive of Jenner and her recent gender transition, my first instinct upon seeing… More »

Dr. Suniti Solomon, India’s Pioneering HIV Researcher, Died This Week

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / July 29, 2015

Plus, did you know that marital rape was legal in the United States through the mid-80s? No wonder Donald Trump is still stuck in that decade… More »

Donald Trump To Breastfeeding Lawyer: “You’re Disgusting”

By: Newser / July 29, 2015

The New York Times has pored over hundreds of pages of Donald Trump testimony from his many lawsuits over the last decade and found a lot of what it describes as “hyperbolic overstatements” and “outright misstatements,” as well as some instances of truly obnoxious behavior—like the time he told a lawyer who wanted to take… More »

These Are The Lipsticks Of Our Lives

By: Megan Reynolds / July 29, 2015

It’s National Lipstick Day! Sure, why not. More »

People Horrified By The Death Of Cecil The Lion Are Leaving Scathing Yelp Reviews For Hunter’s Dental Practice

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 29, 2015

Yesterday, I wrote about the death of Cecil, Zimbabwe’s most famous lion, who was killed earlier this month after being lured off protected land and then shot with a bow and arrow by a Minnesota dentist and big game hunting enthusiast named Walter Palmer. Cecil was gravely injured but not killed by the shot, and… More »

Emily Postmodern: How To Have A Wedding Without Becoming An Asshole

By: Julianna Rose Dow / July 29, 2015

Get married without being a jerk! It’s easy. … More »

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