Nicki Minaj’s Pinkprint Tour Is A Celebration Of Boss Women

By: Megan Reynolds / July 27, 2015

Nicki Minaj is approaching the peak of of her powers. She is a 32-year-old woman, finally flexing, knowing that she can. If she falls, it won’t hurt – but trust me, she won’t. She’s in control, and it looks incredible and sounds even better. Her show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn last night proved a… More »

Hacker: I Took Down New York Because I Hate NYC

By: Newser / July 27, 2015

New York’s cover story on 35 women accusing Bill Cosby of sex assault was hotly tweeted last night—but this morning no one can access it after a denial-of-service attack on the magazine. Just before 1am, a Twitter account under the handle Vikingdom2016 posted, “ #OFFLINE,” and sure enough, the entire New York website was down. More »

BEHOLD: Michelle Duggar Rollerskating To “YMCA”

By: Robyn Pennacchia / July 27, 2015

Michelle Duggar really loves her gay anthems, apparently. … More »

13 Small Things That Will Make A Man Love You Forever And Ever

By: John DeVore / July 27, 2015

If you’re wondering what would make a guy or a dude fall madly in love with you  — as, in, small things you can do that would make him never cheat on you (anal) and then worship you until he dies of heart disease — just take a look at these 13 tips that will trap him i… More »

Check Your Vibes: How To Be Alone (And Love It!)

By: Claire Hannum / July 27, 2015

Someone once told me that on a subconscious level, our biggest fears do double duty as our most secret desires. I’m not sure whether that’s true (most things I fear are too terrible to imagine any positives coming from them), but it would make perfect sense in certain contexts of my life — especially whe… More »

Build-A-Bear Is Selling Star Wars Bears, Just So We’re All Clear On That

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / July 27, 2015

Someone made the grave, grave mistake of not alerting me to the fact that Build-A-Bear Workshops are now selling Star Wars bears. Bear Han! Bear Leia! Plush Chewbacca! They have a mini Ewok bear, guys. SQUEEEEEEE!

Notably absent from the selection: Luke Skywalker, because Luke Skywalker is boring as fuck. Darth Vader i… More »

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