25 Free Or Cheap Activities To Get You Through The Rest Of Winter

By: Claire Hannum / March 4, 2015
It's March, and winter has gone stale. Here we all sit, rotting away in front of space heaters, our laundry baskets overflowing with those thick slush-proof socks we're cycling through so fast, nestled in front of glowing screens in bed while entertaining the kinds of existential thoughts that only come out to play when its dark out --… More »

Carrie Underwood Had A Baby Boy!

By: Claire Hannum / March 3, 2015
Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher announced today that they welcomed their first child on February 27, a son named Isaiah Michael Fisher. Mazel tov! More »

The Obamas Are Starting An Education Initiative For Girls Around The World

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / March 3, 2015
Malala Yousafzai has inspired the Obamas to start a new initiative to support education for girls around the world. [Washington Post] Vice President Biden will be the headline speaker at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual convention this year. [AP] A “sex gang” in Oxfordshire has assaulted 373 children in the last 16 years. More »

Kickass Woman Of The Day: 90-Year-Old Priscilla Sitienei Proves It’s Never Too Late To Get An Education

By: Claire Hannum / March 3, 2015
At 90-years-old, Priscilla Sitienei attends elementary school alongside six of her great-great-grandchildren and often scores better than them in class. Sitienei, who lives in Kenya and is lovingly known by her classmates as Gogo ("grandmother" in her local language of Kalenjin), is believed to be the oldest primary school student in the world. She lives in the village… More »

Duggars’ Son-In-Law Purposely Runs Over Cat In Sled As Sociopathic Family Giggles

By: Robyn Pennacchia / March 3, 2015
Well this is charming. Earlier this week, the Duggars--a very holy group of people who have lots of babies for Jesus and complain about gay people all the time--went on a very holy sledding excursion. You know, just some good old-fashioned fun of the sort people had before we all became wealthy newspaper magnates, going… More »

Science Says Family Secrets Can Literally Make You Sick

By: Claire Hannum / March 3, 2015
Back in the '80s, Dr. Vincent Felitti was looking for ways to help obese patients lose weight when he stumbled upon a troubling correlation: most of his patients who quit treatment and gained significant amounts of weight back after losing hundreds of pounds had experienced sexual abuse as children. When he began regularly… More »

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