Rand Paul’s New Douchebro BFF Once Threw A Porn Star Off A Roof

By: Robyn Pennacchia / April 24, 2015
You know who's just the worst? Rand Paul. Rand Paul is terrible. Also, Rand Paul's friends are terrible, because terrible people often hang out together, ostensibly because no one else can stand them. Anyway, Rand Paul's new BFF is this dude Dan Bilzerian, who is known for a number of incredibly douchey sounding things like poker playing,… More »

Vice Week: On Lust (Or How James Deen Taught Me To Let Go)

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 24, 2015
Spoiler alert: No, we didn't fuck. More »

Hold Onto Your Butts: “Punk’d” Is Coming Back

By: Megan Reynolds / April 24, 2015
No one is safe. … More »

Abercrombie Ends “Looks Policy,” Extends Employment To The Less Hot

By: Robyn Pennacchia / April 24, 2015
Congratulations, non-supermodels! You are now eligible for minimum wage work at the mall! More »

Mike Tyson Vs. Terry Crews On “Lip Sync Battle” Is So Very Uncomfortable

By: Megan Reynolds / April 24, 2015
What in the hell did I just watch? More »

11 Things We Love About Dr. McDreamy (In GIFs!)

By: Claire Hannum / April 24, 2015
There will never be another Derek Shepherd. More »

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