Britney Spears Wears A Wedding Dress For POP Magazine

This new POP magazine cover featuring Britney Spears is freaking us out. Shot by artist Takashi Murakami, the pic is a nod to manga style; hence, the divorced Britney’s bridal getup. Grazia reports: “Murakami turned Britney into a manga character (a type of Japanese comic) complete with schoolgirl backpack, Hello Kitty mobile and ankle socks.” Teen boys everywhere may be falling for Brit-Brit all over again once those shots hit the interwebs. [ONTD] Keep reading »

Style 911: What Do I Wear For My First Trip To NYC?

style911 stamp m jpg
I am coming to NYC for the first time this September and I have no idea what to pack! I am a college senior from the University of Georgia and I am coming with members of our Advertising Club to tour some agencies. We will be in NYC from September 11th -15th. The last thing I want to do is look like some kind of country bumpkin. Help! Also, what’s the weather like in New York in September? Any suggestions woud be greatly appreciated. – Rachel

As someone who was once told that my jersey jumpsuit was too dressy for D.C., I understand the anxiety dressing for another city can bring. That being said, fashion in NYC is all about personal style. You might see a preppy WASP standing next to a goth, who is sandwiched in by an editor of a fashion glossy. Seriously, anything goes as long as you have confidence. One rule you must follow, though, in order to not look like a “country bumpkin” is: avoid oversized college sweatshirts and fanny packs. Those are dead tourist giveaways. Keep clicking for ideas on what to wear in NYC.

Star Couplings: Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt’s Divorce Might Be Another Sham

  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted in Costa Rica together over the weekend. [PopEater]
  • Martin Short’s wife, former actress Nancy Dolman, has died. [Us Weekly]
  • VH1 is pissed off at Chad Ochocinco for tweeting about his relationship with “Basketball Wife” Evelyn Lozada while his dating reality show, “The Ultimate Catch,” is airing. [The YBF]

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Cindy Crawford: Yup, Still Hot

If you had any doubt about whether Cindy Crawford still has it, well, these photos prove that the 44-year-old supermodel does indeed still have it. We’d never heard of the Russian retailer TSUM before today, but apparently they got her to star in a campaign. They did well to do her up in classic Crawford fashion: bombshell hair, ruby-red lips, prominent mole on display. Can we get some more Cindy up in here? Another shot after the jump. [Fashion Indie] Keep reading »

Celebs And Their Adorably Named Pooches

cutec celeb pups jpg
Celebs love their fame almost as much as they love their pooches! Look at these four puppy cuties — who can blame them? But if you thought they named their kids all kinds of crazy, get a load of what they came up with for their super adorable dogs!

Soft-Serve Sneakers

If Ben & Jerry branched out into fashion … [Trend Hunter]
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