Would You Freeze Your Jeans?

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / October 14, 2010
Freezers are good for many things: preserving food, chilling vodka, storing body parts, and, apparently, cleaning denim. Seriously: sticking your jeans in the freezer for a few days will kill bacteria and alleviate odors while avoiding significant shrinkage (George Costanza would be proud). Stains can't be frozen out, but this is an interesting technique nonetheless. More »

Check, Please! 10 Celebrity Men Who Have Fallen For Waitresses

By: Ami Angelowicz / October 14, 2010

Blond Beauty Queen Accused Of Not Looking “Indian Enough”

By: Jessica Wakeman / October 14, 2010
Something else to dislike about beauty pageants: they create expectations about what women from different cultures "should" look like. Spectators booed Kiwi model Jacinta Lal, 21, when she won the MissIndiaNZ pageant in Wellington, New Zealand, because she told the New Zealand Herald some "small-minded people" thought she wasn't "Indian-looking enough to win the pageant."… More »

How A Makeup Artist Turned A Naked Kim Kardashian Silver

By: Susannah Breslin / October 14, 2010
It didn't occur to me until I saw this article on how makeup artist Gucci Westman (um, seriously?) turned a naked Kim Kardashian silver that the bravest among us females may be rocking this look come Halloween. So, how'd they turn Kim into the platinum version of Goldfinger? "I wanted it to look like Kim… More »

Cash & Coupling: How To Sell An Engagement Ring

By: Colleen Meeks / October 14, 2010
When a man gets down on one knee and offers you a ring, it can be one of the most blindingly blissful experiences of your life. But sometimes, after you accept the offering and your eyes adjust to the light, you realize that while diamonds last forever, the men who give them to you sometime… More »

“Sister Wives” Hubby Doesn’t Want To Go To Jail

"I just hope they don't put me in jail for loving four women." —Kody Brown of "Sister Wives" on the fact that the Utah County Attorney is currently deciding whether to press felony bigamy charges against him. A conviction could mean five years in jail, and this would be the first polygamy case in Utah… More »