Padded Underwear Gives Men A Bigger Bulge

By: Wendy Atterberry / October 4, 2010
They've already created a Spanx-like tummy-tucker undershirt for men, and now Marks & Spencer, the British version of Target, is introducing "bum lift" underpants, that claim to lift men's bootays by about a fifth, and "frontal enhancement" underwear that uses an "integral shelf," to give men what the company describes as a… More »

12 Random Things We Hate

At The Boy’s Club: When Guys Mess Up A Marriage Proposal

By: The Frisky / October 3, 2010
The boys at Asylum have a tale of a wedding proposal gone awry. "Trey Turner and Kelsey Kramer have two things in common (besides repeat initials): 1) They are madly in love, and 2) were involved in one of the most disastrous marriage proposals we've ever heard of. Turner took Kramer for a stroll o… More »

London Calling: Anglophile Accessories For Everyone

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / October 3, 2010

Why Do (Some) Girls Make Out With Other Girls In Public?

By: Asylum / October 3, 2010
The guys over at Asylum think they've figured out why those two girls made out with each other in that bar last night while a group of guys watched. "University of California, Santa Barbara, sociology professor Verta Taylor and feminist studies professor Leila J. Rupp examined the girls-making-out-with-girls phenomenon through a series of interviews with… More »

Cape Town: 6 Coat-Style Cover-Ups We’re Craving

By: Leonora Epstein / October 3, 2010