Angelina Jolie On How She And Johnny Depp Are Alike

Wendy Atterberry / December 7, 2010

“It turns out we are both a bit reclusive. That’s why our paths had never crossed – neither of us attends many parties or goes out very much. Neither of us seems to take ourselves too seriously. And maybe there’s something about being in a place in your life where your family is so central… More »

Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys Walking Dogs

Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 7, 2010

Nail Art Impossible Not To Re-Tweet

Leonora Epstein / December 7, 2010

It goes without saying that we’ll be re-Tweeting this awesome nail art out into the Twittersphere. [Twitter (duh)]… More »

nOir Jewelry Does Superpower-ful DC Comics Collection

Annika Harris / December 7, 2010

Fancy yourself a super heroine? Or maybe you’re just Catwoman’s biggest fan? Well, you’re going to want to get your hands on nOir Jewelry’s accessory collection based on the super heroines of DC Comics. In celebration of DC’s 75th anniversary, nOir’s designed superhero-worthy jewels that feature the symbols and imagery of the sexy Catwoman, brave… More »

The 12 Hottest Girl-On-Girl Movie Scenes

Julie Gerstein / December 7, 2010

Bruise Cruise To The Bahamas With Indie Rock Bands

Simcha / December 7, 2010

Forget the Mayercraft, the Bruise Cruise is where it’s at! This February, you can fend off the frigid winter, rock out to rad concerts, make out with random hotties, and sail the high seas, all in one smooth move, on a Carnival cruise. Surfer Blood, Vivian Girls, Thee Oh Sees, The Black Lips, and… More »