In Bed With … Taylor Lautner

February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Taurus
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Capricorn

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How Do You Feel About The Word “Fashionista” And All The Other “-Istas”?

Geneva S. Thomas over at Coco & Creme is calling for all fashionable women to stomp the word fashionista with “[their] six inch stilettos–six feet under.” Her rationale is that the term is simply a lazy way to label a fashionable woman. She also thinks it implies that because a woman’s stylish and presents herself well, she can’t possibly be interested in other aspects of the arts or science for that matter. Thomas even compares the “-ista” phraseology — those pesky sister terms of recessionista, frugalista, and urbanista (not sure if I’ve actually heard that one before) — to the NYC bed bug infestation; the dreaded fashionista label is to be feared as much as blood-sucking parasites. Keep reading »

The Cast Of “Inception” Dishes On Their Dreams

Everyone who’s seen “Inception” seems to agree that the flick is both trippy and mind-bending. And depending on whom you talk to, the whole thing either did or didn’t make sense. But writer Adam Vary over at Entertainment Weekly wondered how the movie affected the dreams of the people who made it. After the jump, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt let you into their REM sleep. [EW] Keep reading »

10 Wedding Dresses For Under $500

cheap wedding dresses g1 jpg
Hey, now! It’s wedding season. And we all know how very expensive weddings can be. Anyone who’s ever watched “Say Yes to the Dress” or gone wedding gown shopping with a posse can attest to the fact that before you know it, paying $5,000 and up for a wedding gown can seem totally normal. But for the bride on a budget, spending $500 on a dress can be plenty. Here are 10 wedding dresses for $500 or less that will keep you looking pretty at the altar but not break your budget when you head off into the land of the blissfully just married.

Quotable: Tina Fey On Stalking Brad Pitt

“I’m pretty sure we’re going to meet at some point. I’ve sent him over 100 letters saying that I’m pretty sure we’re going to meet. And 100 chunks of my hair. If that’s not a great gift, then one of us is crazy.”

Tina Fey on her co-star in “Megamind,” Brad Pitt, who she never actually got a chance to meet because they filmed at different times [People] Keep reading »

Kate Gosselin And Sarah Palin To Go Camping Together

Here’s more weird celebrity friendship news for you. Kate Gosselin and her 88,888 kids are currently in Alaska, where they’ll supposedly be going camping with Sarah Palin. Sarah’s father, a retired science teacher, and her brother, a third-grade teacher, will also be going on the trip and the idea is to teach the kids a bit about nature. An insider says that Palin is pumped about the trip. “She’s excited because it will be fun and educational for the children. Sarah will even teach Kate how to avoid bears!” Keep reading »

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