Oct. 4: What Are You Wearing Today?

By: Annika Harris / October 4, 2010

Nicki Minaj Tells Her Gay Fans To Be “Fighters”

By: Jessica Wakeman / October 4, 2010
OK, maybe Nicki Minaj is not the world's most eloquent speaker. But you don't have to be Barack Obama to get the point across that suicide is never the answer. At the 2010 BET Awards, Nicki spoke up about the tragic suicide of Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi, who jumped to hi… More »

Hussein Chalayan Collection Includes Shrouded Women

By: Susannah Breslin / October 4, 2010
Always out there designer Hussein Chalayan's spring 2011 collection in Paris included this number: a woman with a black piece of fabric over her head. A mini-burka? A solution to a bad mood/bad hair/bad makeup day? Or something more artistic? We may never know. Also, it's available in white. [Style.com]… More »

PG Smut: Undercover Sex From My Formative Years

By: Emily McCombs / October 4, 2010

Beauty Test Drive: Calvin Klein Beauty Fragrance

By: Annika Harris / October 4, 2010
It's not every day I come across a fragrance that can be worn year round, but Calvin Klein Beauty is appropriate for summer, fall, and whenever feels right. With notes of jasmine and neo-lily (a new interpretation of a lily), Beauty has a floral essence we've all come to identify with summer. But the to… More »

“Twilight” Hand Model Seeks Fame And Fortune

By: Ami Angelowicz / October 4, 2010
Kimbra Hickey, the hands holding the forbidden fruit on the cover of the first Twilight book, was featured in the in The New York Post yesterday and I'm kind of obsessed with what a loon she sounds like. The 40-year-old massage therapist, who occasionally works as a "parts" model, likes to let everyone know… More »