I’m A Guy With A Sugar Mama

By: YourTango.com / November 26, 2010

When I was working as an English professor, my fiancée ran a medium-sized company and made 15 times as much money per year as I did—before her bonus. Like many men, I’m proud and competitive. I had already accepted that I wasn’t going to earn more in my lifetime than my father. Now I blanched… More »

Poll: What Do You Wear On A First Date?

By: Susannah Breslin / November 26, 2010

[poll id=2742]… More »

8 Celebrities Who Had Awesome Excuses To Miss Premieres Or Parties

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 26, 2010

Dear Wendy: “Should I Pursue A Long-Distance Relationship Or Move On Already?”

By: Wendy Atterberry / November 26, 2010

I have been talking to this guy for a few months now. We were good friends in college and reconnected via Facebook and upgraded our flirtatious banter to texting and phone calls. He lives about four hours away from me (I realize this is not really that long distance considering you moved across the country… More »

At The Boys’ Club: She Can’t Orgasm

By: Ask Men / November 26, 2010

Over at AskMen.com, the guys have spent some time considering why some women are unable to reach orgasm. Certainly, it’s a common question that Sex with Steph hears all the time. So if you can’t orgasm, you’re having trouble reaching climax, or your girl is challenged when it comes to scoring the big O, findMore »

Girl Talk: Forget Sisters, It’s My Brother Who Keeps Me Sane

By: Angela Tung / November 26, 2010

When we were kids, my younger brother Greg drove me bonkers. His favorite activity was lying like a corpse on my bed while I screamed, “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!” until I finally dragged him into the hallway. He also liked hiding, then jumping out and scaring me. He wailed like a cat i… More »