You’ll Need 3-DD Glasses For Wonderbra’s New 3D Boobs Billboard

Boobies in 3D. How could bra manufacturers have not thought of this earlier? It seems unreal, but Wonderbra just introduced their first 3D breasts billboard in London. Onlookers require 3DD (get it?) glasses to fully enjoy the Full Effect Wonderbra, which claims to boost your girls up another two cup sizes. For us poor souls without the special spectacles, the WonderBra ad is just a slightly blurry image of Brazilian model Sabraine Banando — not that anyone will complain.

Clever, yes, but we’re of the opinion that the less boob-age we see in any dimension in public, the more novel it is in private. [AdRants] Keep reading »

Not All Models Are Filthy Rich

I snapped this pic while attending the Lorick spring 2011 fashion presentation. This young model must have forgotten her look was sheer when she stuck that $1.50 in the pocket. [NYC, 9/10/10] Keep reading »

Style 911: Where Can I Find Dresses And Skirts Appropriate For Work And School?

style911 stamp jpg
I’m in a bit of a fashion pickle. Fall is coming up, and along with it, school and colder weather. Now, I love this season and the bite that comes with crisp winds and crunchy leaves, but I hate wearing pants. HATE. WEARING. PANTS. Plus, I work part-time at a job that requires either wearing pants and a blazer or a skirt. Can you help me find some business casual dresses/skirts that would be appropriate for work and school in the fall/winter? –Brittney

I know exactly where you’re coming from, Brittney. I also tend to wear skirts and dresses in the cold, basically, because I detest suffocating my legs under pants and tights. Plus, it’s much easier to layer for warmth with a skirt or dress. I found 12 moderately priced options that I hope work for you and others who might be in the same “pickle.” Remember, a dark-colored blazer can make anything business-casual, and cardigans and thick tights will be your go-to pieces this fall.

If you have a style-related emergency, then email The Frisky at

Quotable: Date Rich, Older Men So You Can Inherit Cash, Advises Italy’s Prime Minister

“I said to a girl to look for a wealthy boyfriend. This suggestion is not unrealistic. … [Women favor older men because] he’s old. He dies and I inherit.” — Italy’s prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, speaking at a convention this weekend. Mind you, this particular 72-year-old man’s wife is divorcing him over rumors of call-girl trysts and hanky-panky with an 18-year-old model. Perhaps he’s not the best person to be doling out relationship advice? [AP]

Keep reading »

A Video Retrospective Of AC Slater

Is This What “Curvy” Looks Like To You?

Fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson is a 14-year-old fashion phenom. She’s the adorable and precocious writer behind the blog “Style Rookie”. She was also recently described by New Yorker writer Lizzie Widdicombe as “curvy.” In fact, said Widdicombe, “the dress was sleeveless and you could see that her figure had changed dramatically since the earliest days of her blog. She had become curvy.” Keep reading »

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