Who Mates For Life?

For the past few days, I have been listening to the song “Foxes Mate for Life” by Born Ruffians over and over again. It’s quite catchy. Basically, the chorus goes like this: “And I know foxes mate for life because they’re in love.” After hearing that line 15 times, I started wondering whether foxes actually mate for life or whether it just made a catchy chorus. It turns out that some species, like the Fennec fox and the Gray fox, do.

And then there are wolves. Wolves are generally monogamous, but sometimes they breed polygamously (if the male is unrelated and there’s enough prey around). Also, if one of the wolves kicks the bucket, the one that’s left might go find a new mate. The one animal species that actually mates for life is the anglerfish. They live very deep in the ocean, and the male bites his chosen female and hangs on. Eventually, their skin fuses and their bodies grow together. The male basically becomes a sperm-producing machine, and then he dies. I think I’d rather deal with the threat of someone cheating on me than have to deal with him being attached to me 24/7. Sometimes I just need my own space, ya know? [Born Ruffians, USA Today, BBC, and Project Wildlife] Keep reading »

Fashion Can Be Stupid: Antonio Berardi Platforms

I love fashion and shopping and dressing up, believe me, and my feet only feel the whole ground when I’m barefoot in my apartment, but even I draw the line at these ridiculous things. [Yes But No But Yes] Keep reading »

It’s National Abortion Provider Appreciation Day!

Seriously! If you’re in the mood, send your local Planned Parenthood a muffin basket. We’re sure they’d appreciate it. [Nerve.com] Keep reading »

Tall Women Have Higher Risk For Melanoma

Sure the 50-Foot Woman can kick anyone’s butt, but now a new study has shown she’s at a higher risk to have to fight off skin cancer too. According to an Australian scientist, Dr. Catherine Olsen, from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, the tallest quarter of the 5,000 women she studied were 30% more likely to get melanoma than shorties. Dr. Olsen added, “We found this risk greater among women less than 50 years of age.” Is that just because tall women have more skin to show? Well, she and her colleagues from Italy, the USA, and Britain, are just not sure, but being naturally pasty or excessively tanning are still the strongest risk factors. So ladies, if you want to look trendy and orange like Paris Hilton, but not get the big C, you better stick to a spray tan….or you’ll end up looking like a California Raisin like Lindsay Lohan. [Fox News] Keep reading »

Frisky Quote Of The Day: Victoria Beckham

“Obviously, working out is important. Well, I don’t. I have joined a gym, but I can’t bring myself to start. What do you wear on the running machine? I can’t bring myself to wear flat shoes.” — Victoria Beckham Keep reading »

The Nookie Know-It-All: Down There Hair

Do guys REALLY care if you aren’t waxed or shaved down there? — Razor Ready, Virginia Beach, VA

I think women’s vaginas are like men’s faces. You’ve basically got three options: The clean-shaven, the week’s worth of stubble, or the mountain-man variety. At the end of the day, it’s all about preference. You might like your man with a baby-smooth face. He might want you to look like a tumble weed and call him mommy during sex. The bottom line is, everybody is different.

Whatever option you go with, I think it’s safe to say your landscaping habits are not going to prevent guys from having sex with you. As long as a guy doesn’t need a degree in bushwhacking to date you, I’m pretty sure you’ll get lucky.
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Great Date Night Recipe

This weekend my fiance and I had a great date night that was so fun, I thought I would share incase you wanted to take our lead and try it out yourself. Normally we go out to eat, because we’re big time foodies who like to stuff our faces and then come home and cuddle and watch TV with our dog. Real romantic stuff, I know. But on Friday night we took a cooking class at the Institute of Culinary Education here in New York (I got him a gift certificate for Christmas) and it was a BLAST. The class we took was “Essentials of Emilia-Romania” which covered nine signature dishes of the region in Italy. One of those was so delish and easy to prepare (frankly, it was the best in the class), I wanted to post it here, that way if you don’t have access to cooking classes in your town, you and your man can still settle in for a fun date night in. Although I recommend you try not to be as competitive as my beef and I, seeing as I almost threw a collander at his head when he criticized my dough-making technique. After the jump, the recipe for Tagliatelle Pasta with Prosciutto and Pesto. Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Bans In China, Teenage Pregnancy On TV, And Mail-Order Brides

  • Actress Tang Wei’s commercial for Pond’s has been banned in China, most likely because of her steamy role in Ang Lee’s movie Lust, Caution. Her seven-minute sex scene had to be cut from the movie to be shown on China’s mainland. [Reuters and Telegraph.co.uk]
  • The 16-year-old character Starr on One Life to Live had sex with her boyfriend on the show, and for about 40 episodes, One Life to Live will delve into the aftermath. “It’s not going to be glamorous at all,” said Frank Valentini, the show’s executive producer. Pregnancy never is, Frank. [Reuters]
  • A Phoenix man has started a mail-order bride website called loveme.com, and it’s doing quite well so far, with 150 engagements this year alone. “The American men have such a great reputation in these countries that it just opens the door,” said Ken Aingee, who runs the site. “The women want to meet them, they actually almost fight over you to meet you.” Oh dear. Let’s not stroke their egos too much. [KTAR.com]
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    Poll: How Do You Like His Body Hair?

    The Daily Hotness: Matt Damon

    The Sexiest Man Alive is about to spawn. Matt Damon has a wife (sniff), and the dark and lovely Luciana is knocked up again. The couple was seen at the Empire Awards in London yesterday with the hottest accessory in Hollywood: the baby bump. While Matt picked up an award for the Bourne Ultimatum, there might be a possible pick-up in our future. By the time we reach cougardom, this babe will be single, available, and H-O-T like daddy. Is it too early to leave the fetus our phone number? Call me in 18 years, 6 months kid… [DListed] Keep reading »

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