Can Facebook Ruin A Marriage?

By: Joanne Hinkel / November 19, 2010

Reverend Cedric Miller, of Neptune, New Jersey, made headlines this week for demanding that his married church leaders stay off Facebook because he thinks it leads to infidelity. The reverend says he has counseled 20 couples in his congregation, at the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church, who are having marital problems because of the social… More »

Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

By: Wendy Atterberry / November 19, 2010

In a recent study of 2,691 adults, conducted by social scientists at the Pew Research Center, four in 10 Americans said they believe marriage is becoming obsolete. In 1978, only three out of 10 had the same belief. It would seem in that time, marriage has declined: “In 1960, 68 percent of American twenty-somethings were… More »

Style Stealer: Shenae Grimes’ Effortlessly On-Point Look

By: Carrie Morrissey / November 19, 2010

Bankrupt “Real Housewife” Sonja Morgan Blames It On … John Travolta?

By: Kelli Bender / November 19, 2010

Sonja Morgan of “The Real Housewives of New York City” is joining Teresa Giudice on the “Real Housewives” broke list. Morgan recently filed for bankruptcy, citing that she was more than $19 million in debt. While some may think all the money was carelessly spent on handbags and brunches, Sonja is pointing the finger at… More »

Do Not Want: Troxins “Cameo” Necklace

By: Carrie Morrissey / November 19, 2010

The description says this necklace is good for any “dead girl,” but this jumble of plastic vomit looks worse than any rotting corpse! I would understand if this was a Halloween special — but it isn’t. It’s for-realz. Actually, with its detailed “zombie hands” and bats, I think I just died a little on the… More »

This Month In The Lady Mags: December Mags, Already?

By: Kelli Bender / November 19, 2010

The holidays are coming up and you can’t hide from them anymore. Luckily, the December magazines are here with oodles of tips on how to give awesome gifts and look your best. Read on to see which of this month’s mags gives you the most for $3.99, and don’t be afraid to get a few… More »