Quotable: Lourdes Is Madonna’s Fashion Police

“[Lourdes is] influenced by everything from bands she listens to, kids she sees in hip-hop and ballet classes and she’s been to enough photo sessions, video shoots and seen me put my tours together to have developed a great eye. She’s also worked in the wardrobe department on some of my tours. I love the way she puts different things together that are sometimes unexpected. She’s the fashion police at our house and has a point of view on what everyone is wearing. I’m not saying we agree on everything but we enjoy collaborating together.”

Madonna reveals some of daughter Lourdes‘ fashion inspirations and divulges that Lourdes tries to make the fashion decisions in the Ciccone household. Could this explains Madonna’s recent Run-DMC look? [USA Today] Keep reading »

Beach Bum Shows Off Their Lindsay Lohan Love

If you happen to be in New York City today and pass by the Beach Bum Tanning Salon at 239 7th Avenue, take note of their interesting bright orange accessory. The fake bake salon is showing their support and devotion for Lindsay Lohan — a valued longtime customer — by staging a protest and wrapping the store in an orange ribbon to speak out against her jail time. In addition to the solidarity ribbon, employees created homemade signs that read, “We love you Lindsay! Come home soon” to picket with during their “Free Lindsay” rally. Clearly, the business is missing her unwavering support (ahem, money) and those regular visits needed to keep up her perfect orange glow. But interestingly, she’s not the first starlet to gain support from Beach Bum during her time in lock-up, as Paris Hilton was the subject of the salon’s protest back in 2007. Poor Beach Bum. They’ve been the subject of two injustices this year: dealing with the tanning tax and losing out on two weeks of Lindsay’s visits. (Oh, and if you happen to pass by and snap a photo, {encode=”tips@thefrisky.com” title=”email it”} to us!) [Gawker] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I Found A Pic Of A Penis On My Boyfriend’s Phone”

Wendy is on vacation, so we’ll be posting some of her more popular past Dear Wendy columns (that some of you may have missed!) to get you through the week.

I have been with my boyfriend for almost three years now. He is 24 years older than me and naturally we have our up days and down days. On Saturday night while he was asleep I went onto his cell phone and found a picture of another man’s penis on his phone. I am not allowed on his phone without asking him first and didn’t know how to confront him about this pic. So on Sunday morning I asked him if I could resend an SMS to my phone and “mistakingly” went into his pics. But before I could see it he deleted it. I asked him what it was and he said a car. I told him he was lying and I know what I saw, he just said, “Why would I have a pic of another man’s penis on my cell?” Now I’m totally confused and worried at the same time. What do I make of this and how do I handle the situation? By the way, I sent a copy of that pic to my phone as evidence. — Worried Snoop

Keep reading »

Are My Panteez, Sheer Waistband Undies, Necessary?

I thought unintentionally exposed thongs and butt cleavage were things of the past for most women. Through trial and error, we’ve learned that low-rise panties and long tops are best for low-rise jeans. And speaking of low-rise jeans, most women I know have given up on that teeny-bopper look, choosing jeans and pants that have a rise closer to their belly buttons. So the reasoning behind My Panteez, thong underwear with a sheer waistband, is a little confusing. Those women still walking and sitting with their thongs exposed probably desire that look, and My Panteez is lost on them. I can, however, see My Panteez working under skin-tight dresses or skirts. You know, the kind Kim Kardashian wears. [My Panteez] Keep reading »

Check Out The Tiffany And Debbie Gibson Fight Scene

Syfy’s original movie “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid” won’t be premiering until 2011. But the network has been kind enough to offer this sneak peek of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson fighting at a wedding. Moments to relish: the two ladies rubbing cake on each other and the “I Think We’re Alone Now” punchline at the end. But doesn’t Syfy realize that releasing this renders the rest of the movie pointless? Really, who needs an hour and a half of this when we’ve got the highlight reel? Fine, I’ll watch to see how Micky Dolenz of “The Monkees” fits into the equation. [EW] Keep reading »

10 Actresses Who’ve Dated Male Models

model kate winslet jpg
It’s only been four months since Kate Winslet split from her former husband, Sam Mendes, but she’s already nabbed herself a hot British male model named Louis Dowler. Dowler has modeled for Burberry and is 34 years old, just like Kate. A source has said, “They’ve been on lots of dates and get on really well. It’s early days for them but they enjoy each other’s company… He’s not your typical model. Not at all big-headed. Louis has a good sense of humor and really is a lovely guy.” [ND TV]

Kate’s gorgeous and totally deserves a lovely guy who’s equally lovely to look at, but what’s with all the actresses picking up male models? We’ve rounded up nine other examples of how this might be the new trend.

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