Time Of The Month Tiger Is Our New Fave Internet Meme

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 25, 2010
So, I'm still obsessed with Shlooby Kitten. Hipster Kitty has been great lately. And LOLCats remains genius. But my new favorite meme generator is Time Of The Month Tiger, who sums up those menstrual emotions and mishaps with just the right amount of hilarious rage. Check out a few more after the jump. [F**k YeahMore »

10 Celebs Who Thought They’d Never Get Married

Now Every Guy Can Look As Terrible As Guy Fieri

By: Julie Gerstein / October 25, 2010
Check out this dude's sweet hair. Doesn't it sit so luxuriously on top of that fashionable camo visor he's wearing? Well, newsflash: those aren't actually his locks. Believe it or not, that faux hair is part of the Flair Hair Woodland Camo Visor which transforms any bald guy into an Insta-D-Bag. Check out another pic… More »

Evan Rachel Wood Was “Raised” By Ex Marilyn Manson

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 25, 2010
“I mean, dating Marilyn Manson… it’s kind of impossible to keep that out of the spotlight… He had a hand in raising me! Oh, I’m always gonna love that guy. He’s a genius, he’s an amazing artist, we’re still friends. Some things just aren’t meant to be.”-- Evan Rachel Wood explains that her ex --… More »

Shopping Guide: Halloween Costumes Ripped From The Headlines

By: Jessica Wakeman / October 25, 2010

Fashion Quiz: Star Wars Chic?

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / October 25, 2010
One of the items pictured here is a $655 crystal-embellished bib necklace designed by Phillip Lim. The other is an Imperial Star Destroyer designed by George Lucas. Can you tell which is which? More »