MJ And Lady G For V

Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs show off their work uniforms (we imagine) for the cover of V‘s New York issue. How could you not buy this? [Idolator] Keep reading »

Which Lipstick Trend Do You Prefer For Fall—Matte Or Glossy?

Not since the days of Cindy Crawford and plum-brown shades have we really rocked a matte lip. But Nars Cosmetics is bringing the texture back with the announcement of their new Pure Matte lipstick. Another lipstick debut that has garnered lots of blog attention recently—Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection, which features a super-glam, high-sheen finish.

Are you a matte or glossy kind of girl? For which seasons/occasions do you switch it up? [Talking Makeup, Luxist] Keep reading »

Style Flashback: “Beverly Hills, 90210″

90210 intro 083110 m jpg
Today is 9/02/10 Day — a day to celebrate all things “Beverly Hills, 90210.” With that in mind, we’ve selected a smattering of West Beverly High’s finest sartorial choices. From bolero jackets to stupid hats, there’s nothing that Brenda, Kelly, Donna and Andrea didn’t try in the name of cutting-edge fashion.

Anna Wintour Educates Jimmy Fallon On Fashion’s Night Out: “No Sales!”

Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs stayed up past their bedtimes last night (well, maybe just Anna) to talk about Fashion’s Night Out on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” The best part is when Jimmy asks Anna a bit about FNO, saying, “So the stores stay open and you have, like, sales?” To which Anna responds, “No sales! Full price!” Marc chimes in, “Things are for sale, they’re not on sale.” Classic. It’s at the end when Wintour attempts a weird joke about Fallon, Jacobs, and bananas that we get lost. [NBC] Keep reading »

Happy 9/02/10 Day: “I’d Like To Exchange An Egg.”

It only happens once in a lifetime. 90210 Day — aka September 2, 2010. In honor of this holiest of holy days, we’ll be posting clips from some of our favorite episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210.” You’re welcome, bro.

The West Bev gang was always getting into trouble and learning valuable life lessons. In this rave-tastic episode from “Bev Hills 90210″‘s second season, Brandon’s bleached-blond “bad girl” gal pal Emily Valentine takes the gang on a wacky egg-induced rave-venture. Emily takes them to a rave crack den, and then slips Brandon a dose of U4EA, which is basically Ecstasy in “90210″-land. Hi-jinks and car crashes ensue, and the gang learns that drugs are no joke.

Click here to watch the full “U4EA” episode. Keep reading »

Cocaine? I Thought It Was Gum! 10 Celebrity Excuses For Drug Busts

drug excuse paris hilton jpg
When Paris Hilton was caught with a baggie containing nearly a gram of cocaine over the weekend, she told Las Vegas police officers that she thought it was gum. Then she backed up, telling the officers that the purse wasn’t hers—she borrowed it from a friend, so some of the items in it weren’t hers. This is comical because since when does coke look like gum? Also, since when does Paris have to borrow a purse—doesn’t she have a different one for every day of the year, err, decade? [People]

But this isn’t even the most outlandish excuse a star has given when being busted for drugs.

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