File Under: Children Who Dance Better Than We Can

By: Julie Gerstein / October 12, 2010
Brendan, an 8-year-old contestant on Indonesia's version of "X-Factor," has enough swagger for a whole castful of "Jersey Shore" wannabees. Watch him "beat up the beat" in an adorable child-sized gold suit jacket. Related: How sad must the adult professional dancers be that they are backing up a pre-teen? [BuzzFeed]… More »

Star Couplings: David Arquette Has A Rebound Chick Already

By: Annika Harris / October 12, 2010
The woman David Arquette has been dating during his "trial separation" from Courteney Cox is the same woman who punched Lindsay Lohan back in July and has been linked to Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pine, and Jesse McCartney. [TMZ] Ashanti is continuing the charade that she and Nelly were… More »

Breaking: Kim Kardashian Is Naked. Again.

By: Susannah Breslin / October 12, 2010
I guess when you can't sing, dance, or act, you get naked. Hey, it worked for Kim Kardashian, right? Behold the bodacious beauty and her silver painted bod on the art-themed November issue of W magazine. On the cover, Kim's naughty bits are covered up by bits of artist Barbara Kruger's text. Inside, she'… More »

Astronomical Kid Doesn’t Want You Looking At His Mom

By: Julie Gerstein / October 12, 2010
On the one hand: an adorable child rapper spitting rhymes about how guys need to stop checking out his hot mom. On the other: it's slightly weird/creepy that a 12-year-old is admonishing a bunch of grown-ass men for gawking at his mother. You decide. [Astronomical Kid]… More »

Lookin’ Sharp: How To Get Rachel From “Glee”‘s Look

By: Leonora Epstein / October 12, 2010
We know you're just dying to look like "Glee's" goody-two shoes Rachel Berry, right? OK, so she's doesn't sport the most covetable of styles, but we're not quite sure why she's so hated on, either. Maybe it's because she's not super glam and not ugly at the same time? One thing we can't deny… More »

Attention, Bullies: It Gets Worse

By: Wendy Atterberry / October 12, 2010
By now, most of us have seen recent videos telling GLBT teens "It Gets Better." We've posted a video by Dan Savage and his husband, Terry, as well as a video from Tim Gunn, all promising GLBT teens that as bad as their experience has been so far — as terrible a… More »