Dear Wendy: “My IM Buddy Wants To Come Visit: Awkward!”

I’m 26 and have been in a happy relationship with a wonderful guy for two years. Over the last year, I’ve found it helpful to supplement my Russian language courses with IM sessions on a reputable language exchange website. I chat with people of either gender, and my boyfriend is aware of this. One native speaker is particularly helpful and wants to improve his English, so we have been IM-ing twice a week for an hour over the last year. We discuss food, music, or movies, but we don’t flirt. In fact, until his recent separation with his wife, he’d often speak lovingly of her (as I do of my BF). Yesterday, he asked if we could grab coffee when he comes to town. I agreed, thinking that he was in town on business and coffee would just be a “since I’m already here” thing. Then I found out (after persistent questioning) that he’s coming to Toronto for a wedding, but is planning to fly to Calgary to meet me in person, before returning to France where he works. I know he’s not rich, and he doesn’t seem to be coming to Calgary for any other reason. I’m hard-pressed to believe that someone would go that far out of his way just for a short platonic meeting. What is he really expecting of me? Should I ask my boyfriend to join us? — Lost in Translation

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The Celebrity Body Parts You Wish You Had — And How To Get Them

Whether it’s Jessica Biel’s butt, Jessica Simpson’s chest, or Jessica Alba’s abs, Hollywood certainly has plenty of parts to envy (and plenty of Jessicas!). We compiled a list of Hollywood’s best arms, abs, and everything else, along with tips from celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese on how to make yours just as sexy. Read more Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Is Sandra Bullock Taking Jesse James Back?

  • A friend of Sandra Bullock‘s says she still considers Jesse James to be the love of her life. [PopEater]
  • Michael Lohan’s ex-fiancee has filed for a restraining order against him, and he, in turn, has threatened to release audio tapes detailing her “legal and personal issues.” [Bumpshack]
  • It took Ryan Seacrest a long time to score a date with Julianne Hough because she thought he was gay. [TMZ]

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Inspiration From Joan Holloway’s Closet

joan inspiration jpg
In heated anticipation of “Mad Men“‘s return to television this Sunday, we’re dressing the part this week with inspiration from the exceptionally well-dressed ladies of the series. Today, everyone’s favorite: Joan Holloway. (C’mon—not to diss on Peggy or Betty, but Joan’s kind of the winner.) Check out our fashion suggestions after the jump!

15 Super Sexy Celebrity Forearms

awesome arms g1 jpg
Biceps get a lot of press. Don’t get me wrong: a nice set of guns can be very sexy. But the forearm has a sexy appeal all its own, one that’s quietly understated, but just as masculine. OK, enough with the hokey words, let’s get to the good stuff. Fifteen hot celebs whose forearms are so drool-worthy, you’ll find yourself shouting, “Get a grip!”

Big Boobs Will Get You Raped, And Other Lessons From The Mel Gibson Playbook

We know Mel Gibson likes beavers. But the star has a terribly sexist attitude towards other ladyparts — breasts, to be exact.

A week ago we were all shocked and appalled by an audiotape in which Mel allegedly screamed at his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, “You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers it would be your fault.” (And yes, that’s not if she “is” raped, but if she “gets” raped.)

That wasn’t the last of Mel’s Reign Of Boob Terror. In the sixth alleged Mel/Oksana audiotape, released earlier this week, he is screaming at Oksana about her breasts yet again. Keep reading »

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