Cheesecake, Anyone?

The perfect gift to thank someone for being a friend … “Golden Girls” nesting dolls. I wonder if the cheesecake fits inside Sophia? [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: The One Thing I Love About Myself

It’s “Love Yourself Week” here on The Frisky, and I totally misinterpreted what that meant. So instead of writing about socks and lube and “True Blood, I’m going to write about platonically loving myself. I’ve read my sister-from-another-mister Amelia’s epic post about the things she loves about herself, and I just read Jessica’s excellent piece. These public expressions of identity are subversive, considering the money that can be made promoting self-loathing. If everyone is pretty, who will buy apricot-scented face spackle? It’s easier to sell a cure if you give the disease away for free. What I most love about these personal whoops is that they’re introspective. In order to truly love yourself, you have to be capable of forgiving yourself for being a human tornado of emotions, fears, and appetites.
Keep reading »

Coffee Chaos: Woman Kicked Out of Starbucks Over Bagel Dispute

Lynne Rosenthal just wanted a plain multi-grain bagel — and because of that she was kicked out of a New York City Starbucks.

It seems Rosenthal, who is a college English professor, wanted the bagel plain, without any butter, cream cheese or other condiments on top. But when her Starbucks barista asked her whether she wanted “butter or cream cheese” with it, she flipped out. Keep reading »

Bad Poetry Day: Frisky Readers Share Their Worst Adolescent Poems

bad poetry 081710 m jpg

Lament of a P.O.ed Teenager:

“Hello, Mr. Spider
Are you unhappy too?
So melancholy you sit there
Sitting there so blue.

You must be so lonely.
I’m pretty lonesom too.
I’ve a way to help us out:
Spidey… meet my shoe!

‘Cause I’m not happy with the world
And that includes you too!
The universe don’t like me either.
Let me give you a clue.

Bickering, annoyances,
They stick to me like glue.
Even if I’m not involved
The world still wants me to.

Another thing that the world
Really likes to do:
It fills me up, all anxious-like,
and then swaps it for poo.

It always ignores my wants,
My needs, my grievance too.
You mention my name to the world
It’ll ask you, “Who?”

And yet it blesses those
Who don’t deserve a flu.
The more deserving get the crap.
But I ask you, “What’s new?”

All of this is very sad
But also very true.
I’m done complaining to you now.
So, Spidey, to heck with you!”

Quotable: Snooki’s Boyfriend Likes Her Even Though She’s Always Drunk

“We hit it off really, really good. Nicole is actually really cute and seems like a cool ass person, even though she’s drunk most of the time. She’s a real sweet girl … It was almost like an instant connection … The way the show depicts her and makes her seem is totally not her. She honestly has one of the biggest hearts. She is really not how everybody thinks she is.”

Snooki‘s new boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, talks about meeting the pint-sized “Jersey Shore” star at Karma last Friday. Wait, last Friday? That was four days ago. How are they BF/GF already? This smells fishy to me. [Us Weekly] Keep reading »

Ke$ha Shows Off Her Wild Side

Yesterday, Ke$ha left Tracie Martyn’s salon in New York City wearing a tiger mask over her head. Do you think it looks grrrrrreat? Let’s just hope she isn’t covering up a Britney Spears bald moment under there. [New York, 8/17/10] Keep reading »

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