How To Wear Fall Shorts

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Shorts are really having a moment this fall, but for some, shorts in the colder months can seem illogical. Honestly, wearing shorts in autumn or winter is as easy as slipping into a skirt; it’s all about layering and a good pair of tights. I’ve come up with three shorts outfit suggestions that just might prove to all the naysayers that shorts are a definite DO this season.

Get Your Paws Up! DJ Kitty Spins Some Gucci Mane

Hey, he’s no Keyboard Cat, but we’d have blinged-out DJ Kitty play our next house party in a heartbeat. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Are Anti-Odor Fabrics A Good Thing?

When we hear the term “innovative fabrics,” we don’t exactly think high fashion. More like utilitarian ugliness. So it’s surprising to find out that this kind of cute dress is made from a new super-fabric. At New Zealand Fashion Week, a company called AgResearch debuted designs made of a “high performance” wool which has anti-odor and antibacterial properties. Meaning, you wouldn’t have to wash your clothes as often. From our own perspective, we think, “Great! Now I can be even lazier than I already am—er, I mean, I can be more eco-conscious.” From the other side of things, however: being around someone who hasn’t washed their top after wearing it four times in a row? Kind of nasty. What do you think? [New Zealand Herald] Keep reading »

The Top 10 Reasons Guys Use Twitter

I don’t know who tweets more on Twitter, men or women, but I’ve come to suspect the genders use the social media platform differently. Women like to tweet about their feelings, connect with other people, and gossip. And men? Here are the top 10 reasons men are on Twitter, and, yes, one of them involves a stripper. Keep reading »

Poll: Who Will You Be Rooting For On “Dancing With The Stars”?

Who Do You Want To Win This Season Of "Dancing With The Stars"?

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This “Save Sally” T-Shirt Doesn’t Exist — Yet

Oof, last night’s episode of “Mad Men” was a bit of a heart-breaker, especially for sweet, rebellious, misunderstood Sally Draper. All I want is for Don to let her come live with him, or for her mom to suddenly stop being an evil word-that-rhymes-with-runt. I want to put my arm around Sally and tell her, “Don’t worry, sugar, someday you’re going to rule the world and this rotten time in your life will be but a memory.” Since I can’t do that, I mocked up a T-shirt that sums up my support for Sally. Just gotta get it made. Keep reading »

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