Carole Feuerman Creates Life-Sized Sculptures Of Women

I’m fascinated by these freakily life-like women sculptures created by artist Carole Feuerman. Most often, these giant-sized ladies wear swimsuits and appear to have just come from a swim. They’re haunting, weird, and simultaneously familiar and disconcerting. [Sprayblog] Keep reading »

8 Unexpected Celebrity Beefs

jackmary 81310 g jpg
Recently, at the Dead Weather’s New York show, Jack White went postal and bitched out his VIP audience, which included Mary-Kate Olsen. “F**k you, you hip motherf**ker. Why don’t you rock the f**k out?! Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats,” he yelled. Ha! But Jack, Mary-Kate only smiles when she’s paid to. And even then she’s just giving prune face. Man, that would be a great pay-per-view fight!

Anyway, celeb feuds are amazingly ridiculous. Dare I say, better than any movie, TV show, or song they actually make? So, let’s sink our teeth into this long list of celebs with beef!

Donald Duck Accused Of Groping A Woman

A good rule of thumb: never trust a man without pants. On a trip to Epcot Center in 2008, 27-year-old April Magolon stopped to get Donald Duck’s autograph. And after obliging, Donald allegedly grabbed her breast and molested her. April is now suing Disney for $50,000 for negligence, battery, and infliction of emotional distress. Keep reading »

Snooki Tried, And Failed, To Trademark Her Name

Snooki has a pussy(cat) problem! “Jersey Shore”‘s sloppiest drunk has been denied the trademark for her name because a 2003 children’s book, Adventures of Snooky: Under the Sea, already beat her to it. Snooky the cat is also orange and could scratch your eyes out. However, unlike Snooki the human, who searches for Sea Breezes and guidos on the beaches of New Jersey, Snooky is searching for his lost family in the ocean. Aww, that’s sweet!

Anyway, watch your back, U.S. Patent Office. Someone’s totally going to jump up from behind you and rip out all your hair extensions. [] Keep reading »

(Friday The) 13 Celebs Who Are Superstitious

superstition slide 1 jpg
I am extremely superstitious. If you crack a joke about death or dying, I will knock on wood. If we happen to be in a car when you make said joke, I will pull over and find a tree to rap my knuckles on. When someone sneezes in a restaurant, I will throw salt over my shoulder, though I try to be discreet about it. And yes, I have a touch of Paraskevidekatriaphobi, the fancy term for a fear of Friday the 13th. Since that happens to be today, you better believe that I will be lying very low tonight rather than living it up, TGIF-style.

Apparently, I am not alone. Lots of celebrities are superstitious, too. Read on to find out what weird beliefs they subscribe to.

Quotable: Justin Bieber And Kim Kardashian Continue Weird Flirtation

“I have her on [BlackBerry Messenger] and we, like, talk all the time. She’s really beautiful so that was … I mean, any 16-year-old would want to do a photo shoot with her. Beyond just being, like, extremely hot, she’s actually, you know, a really nice person.”

Justin Bieber talks about becoming besties with Kim Kardashian after shooting a “Graduate”-themed photo spread for Elle. How many death threats do we think Kim will get from tween girls today? [People] Keep reading »

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