Wear Your Valuables Close To Your Neck

Ami Angelowicz / January 6, 2011

I think the Turtleneck Wallet just single-handedly made the purse obsolete. Only problem is I have lots of crap in my purse. It might make my neck look huge. [BuzzFeed]… More »

The People’s Choice Awards: The Winners We Just Can’t Agree With

I’m not exactly sure who The People are who end up casting votes for The People’s Choice Awards. Maybe they’re related to The Man? Based on last night’s award’s show, I’m guessing that most of them are—OH MY GAWD—obviously under the age of 14. A select few of the award winners seemed totally deserving. Like… More »

Elizabeth Edwards Leaves Cheating Ex John Edwards Out Of Her Will

Jessica Wakeman / January 6, 2011

Not that John Edwards deserved anything after cheating on his cancer-stricken wife and fathering a child with crazy lady Rielle Hunter, but color me surprised that Elizabeth Edwards, who died in December, has left her estranged hubby out of the will. Cate Edwards, the couple’s 28-year-old daughter, was made executor of the will, which leave… More »

Dear Wendy: “He’s Stable, But I’m Bored”

Wendy Atterberry / January 6, 2011

After dating guys who weren’t very good for me, I met a stable, solid, loving man who treats me very well. I’ve been trying hard to make this work, but I can’t seem to develop an emotional connection with him. I keep thinking it’s because he’s just not full of the rush and drama of… More »

Mia Channels Madonna On “Toddlers & Tiaras”

Ami Angelowicz / January 6, 2011

Two-year-old pageant darling, Mia Grande, was the big winner on last night’s episode of “Toddlers &Tiaras” with her Madonna medley. As her brother Michael said, “She takes off her jacket and knows what to do.” She certainly did know what to do. During her interpretation of “Like a Prayer,” she ripped off her… More »

My Venti Soy Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte Will Now Be Served In This Cup

Ami Angelowicz / January 6, 2011

In honor of its 40th anniversary, Starbucks has updated its signature siren logo. Basically, the company dropped the “Starbucks Coffee,” meaning that the brand is officially so embedded in our collective unconscious that we no longer need to see its name on our daily coffee fix. Kind of frightening. [CNN]… More »