The 8 Strangest Celebrity Deaths

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Over the weekend we were dismayed to learn that cellist Mike Edwards from ’70s rock band Electric Light Orchestra passed away. How did he die? Well, he was crushed to death by a 1000 lb. bale of hay. The giant hay bale careened down a hill, crashed through a fence and slammed right into Edwards’ oncoming car, killing him instantly.

Edwards death-by-hay is sad and bizarre — just like these other totally strange celebrity deaths.

Snooki Is Confused About Which Season We’re In

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was late to her mandatory court appearance today, not because she stopped off at a furry convention — she went to the movies and obviously had to run home to change afterwards. [New Jersey, 9/8/10] Keep reading »

Why A “No Airbrushing” Policy Is Good, But Not Good Enough

JACOB, a Canadian clothing brand, announced last week they are “committed to no longer alter the bodies of its models” in ad campaigns.

I don’t mean to knock JACOB, because they are at least making steps to be part of the solution. Keep reading »

Shopping Guide: Campus Flats

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Running around campus (or the office, depending on your sitch) can be such a chore. Who was it that decided you should have to dash across the quad to make it to Chemistry on time or that the ladies room should be at the opposite end of the floor from the conference room, anyway? Well, in most cases, you can’t change your schedule, but you can switch up your footwear. Instead of wearing those killer heels that kill your feet, slip on or lace up a pair of flat shoes or boots. We’ve got 13 pairs of shoes for you to consider …

Rodney King Is Engaged To Former Juror Who Awarded Him $$$

Somehow, Rodney King has managed to creep up in the news every few years since he was awarded $3.8 million after being the victim of a police beating. This time around, he’s making headlines for being engaged to one of the jurors who awarded him the cash settlement during his civil suit in 1994. King first met Cynthia Kelley at a Newport Beach pizzeria the day after the jury awarded him the money. And supposedly, they felt an instant romantic connection, but both were married at the time. King and Kelley remained together until he joined the cast of VH1′s “Celebrity Rehab,” which was the last time King was in the news. They reconnected again four months ago, and both say they felt the same attraction. Love conquers all, I guess. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

13 Sexy Jams To Help You Get Lucky In Your Dorm Room

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