10 Ways Guys Can Ensure A Successful Date Before It Begins

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 7, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me, the myriad of ways dudes manage to f**k up dates before they’ve even begun. I don’t want to walk into a first date with a bad attitude, but if he has the gall to ask me out and then say, “Pick a place, but make sure it’s cheap,” I… More »

PETA Blasts Sarah Palin For Killing A Caribou On Her Show

Sarah seems to think that resorting to violence and blood and guts may lure people into watching her boring show. But the ratings remain as dead as the poor animals she shoots.”

PETA vice president Dan Matthews sounds off on the scene in Sunday night’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” where Mama Grizzly downs a caribou. More »

Ho, Ho, Ho: Unwrap This Package From Santa

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 7, 2010

I kind of want a boyfriend for a lot of reasons — like regular sex, foot rubs, companionship, someone to vacation with, etc. But I really, really want a boyfriend because then I could buy him these boxers and make him wear them year-round. Am I alone in thinking they’re funny yet totally sexy? Oh,… More »

Star Couplings: Possible Photographic Evidence Of Christina Aguilera’s Pregnancy

By: Annika Harris / December 7, 2010

There might actually be something to those Christina Aguilera pregnancy rumors. [Just Jared]
Danielle Staub’s ex-husband, Kevin Maher, has made good on his threat to sue Simon & Schuster for publishing Danielle’s memoir that alleges Kevin abused her. [TMZ]
Christina Milian says the rumors about her $4 million divorce settlement from The Dream are false. More »

Style Stealer: Claudia Schiffer On The Run

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 7, 2010

Looking pulled together for a bit of errand-running isn’t difficult when you stick to a style uniform like supermodel Claudia Schiffer does. All you need are well-fitting jeans, a blazer, chic and comfortable boots, a colorful scarf, and a sweater. And if you’re feeling a little daring, mix patterns. You might not be able to… More »

Angelina Jolie On How She And Johnny Depp Are Alike

By: Wendy Atterberry / December 7, 2010

“It turns out we are both a bit reclusive. That’s why our paths had never crossed – neither of us attends many parties or goes out very much. Neither of us seems to take ourselves too seriously. And maybe there’s something about being in a place in your life where your family is so central… More »