Quotable: A Butcher Says Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Is Cheap, Stanky

“It’s all beef. Her bodice looks like the outside of the rib. Over the shoulder looks like it does come from the shoulder. There are no expensive cuts here, no real steaks. The best you’ve got is the flank steak on top of her head. It’s the cheaper end cuts—not including her. You got about $100 of meat there… It ain’t refrigerated. It’s probably stinking bad. She’s in the lights: It’s cooking.”

—A New York butcher weighs in on the meat dress Lady Gaga wore to the VMAs. Who’s hungry? [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

16 Of Rihanna’s Most Over-The-Top Hairstyles

rihanna hair g1 jpg
When Rihanna isn’t busy touching herself on stage, or dueting with Eminem, or dating Matt Kemp, she’s at the hair salon, changing her hair. Seriously, since RiRi landed on the pop music scene in 2006, she has changed her hairstyle and color with more frequency than I’ve had sexual partners. Here are 16 of her most, uh, striking looks …

Department Of WTF: Doctor Brands Woman’s Uterus

Imagine going to the doctor for a routine hysterectomy and finding out that your doctor has branded your uterus? That’s exactly what happened to Ingrid Paulicivic, a 47-year-old Californian woman, whose gynecologist used a “electrocautery device to carve and burn” her name “Ingrid” on her uterus.

Before you totally freak out — the uterus had been removed from Ingrid’s body at the time. Dr. Red Alinsod admitted that he branded her name onto the removed organ, but says he did so as a “friendly gesture.” Keep reading »

Hey, Ines Sainz: You Can Be Sexually Harassed And Still Not Feel “Offended” Or “Attacked”

Before this weekend, perhaps only Miss Universe Pageant fans or sports fans in Mexico had heard of Ines Sainz. But today, we know her as a beautiful sports reporter who was sexually harassed by members and staff of the New York Jets football team. Or wasn’t sexually harassed at all. Or is skeptical about whether to label what happened to her. In any case, Ines Sainz may not call what happened to her “sexual harassment,” but she did say this to The New York Post last night: “I felt very uncomfortable … Women should be treated professionally, and they deserve to be treated with respect.” Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I’m Afraid My Medical Condition Will Scare Him Off”

At the age of 24, I suffered a Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot in the lung). To make a long story short, I have multiple genetic blood clotting disorders that will force me to stay on the blood thinners for the rest of my life. Being on blood thinners has made my relationship life hell for three reasons: My period is like a flood, it comes hard and fast and lasts three days longer than it used to; I cannot take any form of hormonal birth control, as they all promote blood clotting; I will likely never be able to carry a child to term. I can conceive, but my combination of disorders will likely cause a miscarriage. This is the part I have the hardest time sharing with other people. This news crushed me, it crushed my dreams. It destroyed the relationship I was in, and it nearly destroyed me. I’ve spent the past four years learning to live with it, to live with myself, and figure out how to rebuild my dreams.

Keep reading »

Turning 30 Made Easier

Puberty! Thank God it’s over, right? Sorry, ladies, but you’ve only hit the snooze button when it comes to figuring out “boys, body issues, and other big-girl drama.” The new book Your So-Called Life addresses that second round of growing pains many women face in their late 20s and early 30s as they deal with mortgages, careers, marriages, aging parents, and ticking (or not ticking) biological clocks. Authors Andrea Lavinthal (a senior beauty editor at RealBeauty.com) and Jessica Rozler tackle the big questions with a humorous and relatable point of view, along with advice from over 30 experts and hilarious been there, done that first-person stories from real women. You’ll breeze through it and then want to buy copies for all of your friends.

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