Mystery: English Dudes Shopping In Sherlock Holmes’ Wardrobe?

Bad teeth aside, the idea of English guys is quite romantic. You’ve got your Hugh Grants (awkward/charming), Colin Firths (will fight a man in a fountain for you and love you “just as you are”), and Jude Laws (OK, not romantic, but is damn hot and is one fantasy lay). Needless to say, the accent and cute attire of button-up shirts and oxfords doesn’t hurt either.

While we love Brit style, we’re a bit turned off (we think) by the following weirdness: apparently, guys in London are outfitting their wardrobes with Sherlock Holmes-esque duds. Keep reading »

10 Celebrity Tweet-And-Deletes

delete kat von d jpg
Turns out Kat Von D and Jesse James maybe actually are dating! Yesterday, Kat tweeted, “And yes, Jesse and I are dating.” The message was promptly deleted, but not before over 100 of her followers re-tweeted it. Sounds like Kat had some Twitterer’s remorse … a common affliction in the celebrity world, apparently. Here, we’ve rounded up some more funny celebrity tweet-and-deletes. [People]

Jennifer Aniston And Jon Stewart Reminisce About Their First — And Only — Date

Random almost-not-quite-couple-alert! Back in the ’90s (oh, so long ago), Jon Stewart and Jennifer Aniston kind of went on a date! Aniston was on “The Daily Show” last night to promote “The Switch” (luckily, the word “retard” did not slip out during this interview) and Stewart immediately brought up their past history. Apparently, Stewart asked her out on a date and she showed up with a “posse” of friends. Ahh, a classic “you’re in the friend zone” move. Honestly, I think Aniston fouled up — Stewart is a total catch. And now he’s totally taken. Clip above! [via] Keep reading »

Cougars Are A Myth, Says Sociologist

We’ve written about “cougars” a lot here at The Frisky, but have we actually met many in real life? Have we met any in real life? No and no. Older women who date younger men exist, of course: Demi Moore, Madonna and Susan Sarandon, as well as all the women who make their living selling cougar-themed dating books. But according to one sociologist, the widespread existence of cougars is a “media construct” that has been blown out of proportion to become a “myth.” Keep reading »

10 Celebrity Calendars We Can’t Wait To Hang By Our Beds In 2011

calendar kim kardashian jpg
Hey y’all! It’s that time of year! The time we start gearing up for 2011 Celebrity Calendar Season even though we aren’t ready to let go of Summer 2010. First up to give us a sneak peek at a full year of her … Kim Kardashian! Yesterday she Tweeted a photo of her June self. She’s all oiled up and wearing (surprise!) a bikini. And is it just me or has she gone blonde? I just can’t wait to get her 2011 calendar in my Hanukkah stocking. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, some more 2011 celebrity calendars that we’re really, uh, looking forward to. Really. Do you think I should pre-order?

Quickies: The Gisele Bündchen/Breastfeeding Brouhaha Continues & Roger Clemens Indicted

  • Modern Lady Erin Gibson weighs in on the controversy surrounding Gisele Bündchen‘s comments about mandatory breastfeeding. A little late, but still funny. [Current TV]
  • Cops pulled their guns on Kelly Brook and Jessica Szohr while they were taking a break on the “Piranha 3D” set. [NY Daily News]
  • And in other “Piranha 3D” news: The cast wants an Oscar. Good luck with that. [BroBible]

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