10 Feminist Fashion Statements

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When we heard that adorable, wise-beyond-her-years teen fashion blogger Tavi met one of our riot grrl heroines, Kathleen Hanna (from Bikini Kill and Le Tigre), we were both gleeful and jealous. But then when we found out that Kathleen gifted Tavi with a totally awesome knit sweater with “FEMINIST” emblazoned across the front, our universe kind of exploded. While the rest of you might not ever get such a kick-ass gift from Hanna herself, you can still gift yourself and your fellow pro-lady power friends with some cool feminist fashions. Etsy is overflowing with feminist-inspired jewelry and apparel and while much of it is a little too vaginal for our tastes, we did find 10 awesome items that scream “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!”

Sally Draper Is Really Smart And Plays Golf

Kiernan Shipka, aka Sally Draper of “Mad Men,” is apparently really, really well spoken for a 10-year-old girl. When asked whether she would act like Sally if her parents were like Betty and Don, she said:

“I think Sally’s actually much better than I would be, given her situation. Sally is really, really reserved. Divorce can be terribly stressful and confusing. Add to that an emotionally unresponsive mother and a physically absent father, I think Sally’s actions are pretty tame. If I was experiencing Sally’s situation, I would be a complete terror of a kid.”

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Adam Levine Is Totally Sure That Jake Gyllenhaal Is Not Gay

“Will everyone stop thinking that dude is gay? Seriously guys. How immature is it of the media to perceive this guy — it has to be because of ‘Brokeback,’ right? I’ve known this dude forever. He’s one of my oldest friends, and it’s very weird that they have this — it’s very immature and infantile the way they treat his whole situation. If him hanging out with his bros means he’s gay, it’s like further perpetuating that weird homophobia that exists in our culture, which is just stupid. So, yeah, he’s my buddy. I f**kin’ love the guy.”

– Maroon 5′s Adam Levine on his close friend Jake Gyllenhaal to Out [Out via Huffington Post] Keep reading »

11 Heavily Tattooed Hotties

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I am a big fan of heavily tattooed ladies and an even bigger fan of heavily tattooed dudes. Nothing gets me going like a full sleeve. I’ll always have a little soft spot for bad boys. After the jump, some heavily tattooed hotties who give good ink. What? You want me to hold your hand at the tattoo parlor? Yes!

Quickies: Justin Bieber Maybe Compared Himself To Kurt Cobain & D.C. Housewife Stacie Turner Speaks

  • Did Justin Bieber really say, “I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation”? The quote’s authenticity is in question. [Washington Post]
  • Randee Heller, the actress who played Don’s latest secretary on “Mad Men,” kind of had a feeling Miss Blankenship was going to drop dead at any moment. [AMC]
  • Fiona Apple is releasing a new album in spring 2011. It’s been five years since her last album, Extraordinary Machine. I wonder if she’ll quote Maya Angelou every five seconds again. [AfterEllen.com]

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Therapy For Your Pocketbook Episode 10: “Sandals, Sundresses & Silence, Please”

In the latest episode of “Therapy For Your Pocketbook,” Connie, a teacher who is stressed from trying to keep her third graders from setting their surroundings on fire, ponders what to do with some extra cash. Become an investor or a jetsetter? Finance Expert Manisha Thakor helps her find a way to do both. [Therapy For Your Pocketbook] Keep reading »

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