Light Hair/Dark Eyes And Dark Hair/Light Eyes Are The Prettiest Combos

This morning on the subway, I couldn’t stop staring at the woman seated across from me. She’s one of those people who’s stunning, but you can’t figure out exactly what makes them so pleasing to look at. And then I solved the mystery—she was blond, I think naturally, but had super dark brown eyes. It’s a combination that’s pretty unusual, genetically speaking. This reminded me of my friend Sarah from elementary school, who had dark brown hair like me but bright blue eyes. I was always a little jealous of this. I started thinking about it, and have decided that the celebs I find the most beautiful tend to have this combo of dark hair and light eyes, or light hair and dark eyes. Maybe I should start rocking violet-colored contacts again, like I did in high school? Keep reading »

7 Lame Celebrity Anniversary Celebrations

strange anniversaries m jpg
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher didn’t let cheating rumors get them down on their fifth wedding anniversary. They tweeted about their super exciting anniversary celebration. “Enjoying a day lounging around watching ‘Breaking Bad’ Great show!” Sounds ultra-romantic. But seriously, “Breaking Bad” is an awesome show. [Celebitchy]

I guess some celebrities are more particular than others about how they celebrate anniversaries. After the jump, some more quasi-interesting traditions.

Singer Wins Big — One-Million-Dumplings Big

How we wish we could be Edward Pimentel. He’s a lucky winner of the World Karaoke Championships, and the proud recipient of its one million dumpling prize. Yes, dumplings. It seems Pimentel wasn’t the overall winner, but the audience fave — and that entitles him to one million delicious steamed or fried dumplings. They aren’t just being dropped on his doorstep; he’s received a voucher for the million tiny parcels of goodness. That means that even if he were somehow able to choke down 100 dumplings a day, he’d have enough dumplings to last him 27 years

May we suggest some alternative uses for those dumplings? Use them to insulate your house. Use them for skeet practice. Fashion a farm’s worth of inanimate dumpling animals. Or you know, feed an entire city’s worth of people. Your call! [BBC News] Keep reading »

What Is Your Fantasy Pet?

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Confession: puppies activate my ovaries more than babies do. My five-year plan includes becoming a dog mommy. I started salivating when I ran into what is now my fantasy pet. It was a baby Pugzu, a Pug Shih Tzu mix. It kind of looked like a cross between an old man and an alien. LOVE. NEED IT NOW! Or … as soon as I move into an apartment that actually allows pets. Until then, I can dream. After the jump, Frisky staffers share their fantasy pets. If time, money, landlords, and reality were of no consequence, what would yours be?

Zach Galifianakis Robs Banks And Murders People

“The craziest thing about me? Uh, I don’t know … I’ve done a couple murders. I’ve murdered a couple of people. Bank robbery stuff.”

Zach Galifiniakis in response to the question “What’s the craziest thing about you?” from reporter Maria Sallas. Well, I guess we know where Zach’s funny comes from … his criminal past. The best part is that Maria doesn’t even bat one of her fake eyelashes. I’m kind of obsessed with Maria actually. Watch the entire interview here. Keep reading »

Sept. 27: What Are You Wearing Today?

sg 092710 m jpg
It’s is gray and fugly and foul outside in New York City today — do we look the same? Find out! And, oh, yeah what are YOU wearing today?
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