8 Celebs Who’ve Been Declared “Un-Christian”

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The unlikely friendship between Stephen Baldwin and Miley Cyrus is no longer all unicorns and Hannah Montana tattoos, as Baldwin has deemed Miley’s performances “un-Christian.” The former fan said, “I think as a person of faith she needs to calm down a little bit. That pole-dancing and all that, I think that’s not very good. I’m sure it’s not in keeping with her faith. I still love her; always will. But we’re just hoping that she chills out a little bit.” And by “we,” he is probably referring to the underground Christian society organized to take out any self-proclaimed Christians who threaten their way of life. If Carrie Prejean is a Christian icon, then I think Miley’s performances are perfectly acceptable—does it say anything about pole-dancing in the bible? We’ve got a few other celebs who’ve been called “un-Christian” after the jump. [OK Magazine]

Katy Perry Is Ladylike In The AM, Super Sexy In The PM

Someday, when I am rich and famous, I am going to change designer outfits multiple times a day too! Katy Perry wore the prim and flowery look this morning, then changed into something sexier for the evening. [New York City, 8/24/10] Keep reading »

Inspiration Board: Demi Lovato

It’s not every day that we look to a Disney teen for style inspiration, but Demi Lovato managed to cram three of our loves — gray sweatshirt, killer heels, and toned legs — into her pre-concert outfit. Find out how to get her look, after the jump. Keep reading »

Catblocking: What Happens When Your Kitty Doesn’t Want You To Get Down

The one problem with having a pet or dating someone with a pet is that sometimes that pet gets in the way of having a good time. In this hilarious Funny or Die video, Dave Franco (that’s James’ brother) is trying to get it on with Jamie Lynn-Sigler, but his cat Arturo is kind of, well, c**kblocking him. Catblocking. Whatever. From now on, when my dog Lucca decides to hop up on the bed and sniff my sex partner’s bare butt while we’re doing our business, I am going to call it dogblocking. [Funny Or Die] Keep reading »

“Hair Battle Spectacular” Goes To The Candy Shop

Taking a cue from competition shows like “Project Runway,” the producers of Oxygen’s “Hair Battle Spectacular” have added kids to this week’s difficult challenge. The stylists were tasked with incorporating candy into their hair-raising looks, which were worn by fidgety, candy-crazed kids. Did Fingaz play it too safe by not “tugging and pulling and ratting and natting” her child model’s hair into submission? And did anyone’s creation completely fall off their model’s head? Guess we have to wait until 10 p.m. tonight to see. [Oxygen] Keep reading »

5 Great Vacations For People On A Budget

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My bank account and my lifestyle don’t always agree. My lifestyle wants to travel to fabulous places, buy nice clothes and sip expensive cocktails. My bank account wants to disappear like Lindsay Lohan’s sanity. And I know I’m not the only one who ain’t got no money in the bank. Rent is sky-high, the economy sucks (no matter what anyone says) and necessities like caramel lattes, Betsey Johnson heels, and trips to the hair salon are darn costly. But, luckily, I know how to save, especially when it comes to going on vacay. After the jump, check out some budget getaways that don’t involve camping in mosquito-infested swamps and living on fast food.
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