Please Say This Is A Joke—”The Situation” Is Launching His Own Line?

When Snooki came on the scene, we had to ask ourselves, Is this chick a comic genius? Or is she just downright stupid? Most would go with the latter (we have no comment). We’re now asking the same question of “The Situation,” who, we hear, is following in the steps of fellow “Jersey Shore” cast member JWoww by launching a clothing line. Here, “The Situation”‘s friend, “The Unit,” (dear lord) shows off a design from the collection, a wife beater with typical guido aesthetics—cheesy rosary design, bling-y details—and the requisite narcissism thanks to Mike’s nickname written on the front. Keep reading »

Quotable: Montana Fishburne Started Thinking About Doing Porn At 16

“I’d say about 16. I lost my virginity and the whole sexual world sparked my interest … I think it was just wanting to explore sexuality. I know it’s such a big world I was just like, wow, well since I like sex … I wanted to see everything that I would like, every kind of fantasy I would like and porn is a way that I could explore that.”

– Montana Fishburne explains to E! News why she decided to get into porn. Well, I guess that’s as good a reason as any to get into having sex on camera. [E! Online via Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Starved For Celebrity: 10 Celebs With Bad Body Habits

kristin bauer true blood m jpg
We were shocked and saddened to hear that “True Blood” star Kristin Bauer admitted that she pretty much starves herself to stay in shape for the show. “The other day I realized as long as I’m in this business, I’m going to be hungry” she told PopEater. “The camera really does add 10 pounds. I’m trying to stay under the weight I want to look like on TV. It’s a good incentive to stay slim and is probably adding years to my life.” What?! Perpetual hunger is no way to live, but it’s sadly common in Hollywood where celebrity ladies live and die by the scale. Bauer’s honesty is almost refreshing, amid a slew of celebs who claim that they stay stick thin through regular exercise and eating healthily. But many famous women aren’t immune to the pressures to be supernaturally thin — and we’ve compiled a list of other celebrity women who admitted that the fame game has had a negative impact on their health and body image. Take a lesson from them — thin is not as important as healthy.

The Only Person Who Doesn’t Feel This Way Must Be Snooki

Seriously … does anyone else feel like they’re competing with the cast of “Jersey Shore” lately? [Someecards] Keep reading »

A Brief History Of The Thong

Who was the person who thought putting a piece of string between your butt cheeks would be a good idea? Did it have to do with panty lines, looking sexy, or something perhaps more practical? We were curious, so we looked into how the thong came to be. After the jump, a brief history of the teensiest garments in your underwear drawer. Keep reading »

10 Celebs With Crazy Cleavage

10 Celebs With Crazy Cleavage
Is anyone else disturbed by the extremely odd shape of Tori Spelling’s cleavage? The more I look at her mountains and valley, the more it looks like the Batman symbol. I vote for her to put those babies back in the cave. After the jump, some more crazy celebrity cleavage and what it reminds us of.
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