Model Inner Monolgue: Someone Stole The Table Runner At Ralph Lauren

15 Things To Do When Your Boo Goes On A Business Trip

“Lovesick” doesn’t just mean crying so hard after you have been dumped that you barf on your bed sheets. (Although, girl, I have been there. True story.) You can also be lovesick when you’re so engulfed in love for another person that being away from them makes you feel ill. Me, for instance: my boyfriend travels on business a lot. A lot. Sometimes I am just happy to watch “The Rachel Zoe Project” without anyone whining, but sometimes it’s slow and lonely torture. Last week, for example, I found myself crying in a bathroom stall at work (which — do I even have to say as someone who works at The Frisky? — I never do) because I just felt like half of me had flown across the country. It was pathetic. Sad. Sucky to the max. Keep reading »

8 More Changes “American Idol” Should Make To Shake Things Up

I am panicking about what “American Idol” is about to become. First, we find out that Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres are being replaced by J.Lo and Steven Tyler, who I thought was in rehab. And now they tell us that they are changing the audition process, too. The show announced that they are now accepting online submissions of which a few of the best will be chosen to move directly to L.A. Arrghhh! Too many changes at once! [Us Weekly]

But while they’re at it, here are some more suggested changes to shake things up. Keep reading »

10 Celebrities Who Have Doctorates

doctor ken jeong jpg
His catchphrase in “The Hangover” may have been “Toodle-oo, motherf***ers.” But in real life, actor Ken Jeong uses terminology more like “transient global amnesia.” Yep, he is a doctor. Like, seriously, a doctor who went to med school. “I just renewed my licence in June. I’m still technically a medical doctor,” he said. His strangest medical case? “I was on call and I saw this elderly couple in the emergency room… This man just had amnesia; he did not know where he was and was just gradually coming out of it. His wife, this really adorable woman, was just like fidgeting the whole time and we didn’t know what was the cause of that amnesia. There was no stroke, no seizures… I was like, ‘Why are you so nervous?’ to the old lady, and she was like, ‘Well, we just had sex.’ It turned out he had this condition transient global amnesia, which is a very real phenomenon that you can have from over-stimulation.” [Oh No They Didn’t]

After the jump, more stars who have doctorates.

Fall TV Guide: “Top Chef Just Desserts” Satisfies A Sweet Tooth

So, technically, I should have written a post yesterday about “Top Chef: Just Desserts,” when the show premiered. But Bravo plays its shows on repeat ad infinitum, so you’ll still be able to catch the premiere. One of the few depressing things about “Top Chef“—besides the fact that you can’t reach into the television and pull out the food—is that the chefs generally suck at desserts. And nothing is sadder than seeing a judge take a bite of a beautiful dessert only to have them spit it out in their napkin because it’s so salty. So I’m thrilled to watch a show where pastry chefs duke it out in the kitchen.
Keep reading »

Who Is Your Personal Style Icon?

style icons ami jpg
We all have those people who inform and inspire our style choices regardless of what is in style. Mine is Stevie Nicks circa 1977. I call her look, which I am forever trying to achieve, “black magic bohemian.” It’s all drapey lace blouses and dresses, silky scarves scarves, gold necklaces, and boots. It says, “I’m a free spirit with a dark side.” Yes! After the jump, Frisky staffers share their personal style icons. Who are yours?
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