Dear Wendy: 8/12

I recently started dating my best guy friend at school. We’ve had feelings for each other for months, have been together for about two months now, and are very much in love. I only have one qualm in the relationship, and I’m not even sure I have the right to have it. I’ve been raised with a more traditional view of dating, where the guy pays for dates and sort of “woos” the girl — at least in the beginning. All of the other guys I’ve dated have subscribed to this, and I feel pressure from my family and friends to be in a relationship with these roles. While I’m okay with the guy not paying for everything, I feel like at the beginning of the relationship, at least, the guy should take the girl on dates. But my boyfriend strongly disagrees with this point of view, and whenever we go out, we split everything. I’m okay with this being the norm eventually, but it sort of feels like how we used to go out to dinner and do things when we were just friends. It’s not about me not wanting to spend money; it’s more of a respect/chivalry/tradition thing that I want. Does it seem entitled or wrong that I think maybe he should be taking me out on dates? He’s explicitly expressed his point of view, but I haven’t had the guts to tell him I disagree. Should I bring it up? How could I approach it? — Traditionalist

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Who Will Win The Canon 7D Vs. Barbie Video Girl Showdown?

You may have seen videos before that compare the quality of one camera or video camera to another, but have you ever seen a head-to-head duel between a camera and a Barbie doll? Now you have. In this entertaining video, director Brandon Bloch pits the $1,800 Canon 7D against the $50 Barbie Video Girl, which has a video camera embedded in her chest. (“It’s the sassiest camera money can buy,” the director notes of the latter.) So how did Barbie do against the 7D? It’s closer than you’d think. Barbie has way better shoes, but the Canon sure does shoot better. [The Daily What] Keep reading »

Quotable: Courtney Love Implies Frances Bean Is A Druggie

“She is going to be 18 on 15 August. Thank God, because then this whole palaver will be done. She lives in a mansion by herself. A 17-year-old getting $40,000 a month is outrageous to me—that’s on top of them paying for the mansion. She lives with her nanny, and Grandma Wendy and Kim [Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister] live two doors down, but there’s no drug testing going on. It’s a lot of money for a normal person. It’s enough money to kill her, if she is doing drugs, enough money to be gone by the time she’s 22.”

Courtney Love on Frances Bean’s inheritance. Is someone feeling bitter? [Celebitchy] Keep reading »

10 Super Inappropriate Celebrity Dads

innappropriate bruce jenner jpg
When you think of the Kardashians, you probably think of all the clean-cut family fun they have. But now that even the littlest Kardashians are finding their way into adulthood, their father figure, Bruce Jenner, has found new ways to embarrass them. His 14-year-old daughter, Kendall, and 12-year-old, Kylie, have both begun modeling careers, but Kendall is already doing bikini shots which many have deemed inappropriate. This week, Jenner stood up for his daughter, saying, “She wasn’t showing anything that was inappropriate — you know, too much cleavage or anything like that. They were just, like, hot shots.” [The Huffington Post]

At least now this cringe-worthy statement can join our list of inappropriate celebrity dad moments!

Holy Chopsticks! Pop Tarts Sushi?

Big news in the snack world: Pop Tarts has unveiled its new flagship store in New York City’s Times Square — and a new taste sensation: Pop Tarts sushi. You’re on ideas fire, Pop Tarts!

What is Pop Tarts sushi? It’s minced bits of Pop Tarts wrapped in Fruit-by-the-Foot. Basically, it’s our wet dream of a snack. The snack scientists over at Pop Tarts have come up with around 30 new tarty treats, all of which combine the delicious high-fructose corn syrup-infused breakfast treat with surprising ingredients (Pop-Tarts Ants on a Log, anyone?).

The store will also feature Pop-Tarts themed light shows and Pop-Tarts video games, all of which we’re sure will be highly instructional. [NY Times] Keep reading »

These People Know How to Quit A Job With Flair

In today’s economy, you hear more about people looking for jobs than leaving them. But that doesn’t mean the world still isn’t full of disgruntled workers who decide it’s better to drop their job then deal with the daily torment. While most people’s resignations involve a two weeks notice and a quiet exit, there are a few who decide to turn their leaving into a memorable event. We are talking Jerry Maguire — walking out with a fish and Renee Zellweger — kind of productions here. Two happened just this week. Keep reading »

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