Dear Wendy Updates: “Down On Dibs” Responds

It’s time again for “Dear Wendy Updates,” a feature where people I’ve given advice to in the past let us know whether they followed the advice and how they’re doing today. After the jump, we hear from “Down on Dibs,” whose close friend called dibs on a guy they were both interested in. She said that her friend introduced her to the guy, and that she felt immediate chemistry with him and he made it clear he was interested in her, but that her friend told her she’d be furious if she pursued him. Oh, and these are 30-year-olds we’re talking about here. So, did Down on Dibs go against her friend’s wishes and pursue the guy? Is she dating him now? Is her friend talking to her? Find out all after the jump. Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Confirm Pregnancy

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5 Celebs “Jersey Shore”-ified

Justin Bieber Jersey Shore
The super stylin’ “Jersey Shore” cast members have made it big-time, fist-pumping their way to the top! But what if a major celeb got a guest spot in the house? Those famous names would have to step up their game. So, we here at The Frisky developed a Jersey Shore-ifying machine which can instantly GTL any celebrity image. Just get a load of gorilla Justin Bieber. It’s like baby, baby, baby, no! But seriously, don’t show this pic to Kim Kardashian. And keep on clicking to see more celebs gone “Jersey Shore”!

Will There Be Picket Lines At NY Fashion Week?

Drama may ensue during New York’s upcoming fashion week. Because the IMG Fashion event changed venues this year from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center, a contractual mess has occurred between IMG and Lincoln Center’s theatrical labor employee union, which is normally granted work contracts to oversee events on the entire campus. Reports the Wall Street Journal, “Certain events occurring under the umbrella of New York Fashion Week will take place in Lincoln Center facilities that require the use of union labor, and those events will comply with the lease terms of those facilities, according to a person familiar with the matter”; however, there is a slight disagreement because some of the tents will be erected on the plaza (outside) and not in Lincoln Center’s buildings, which may allow IMG to hire others to help oversee and produce the event. The union wants to be the sole labor provider for NY Fashion Week, and if an agreement is not reached, they are considering a protest complete with leafleting and picket lines. Drama! Let’s hope this gets worked out quickly as the week’s September 9 start is just around the corner. [Wall Street Journal] Keep reading »

Mystery: English Dudes Shopping In Sherlock Holmes’ Wardrobe?

Bad teeth aside, the idea of English guys is quite romantic. You’ve got your Hugh Grants (awkward/charming), Colin Firths (will fight a man in a fountain for you and love you “just as you are”), and Jude Laws (OK, not romantic, but is damn hot and is one fantasy lay). Needless to say, the accent and cute attire of button-up shirts and oxfords doesn’t hurt either.

While we love Brit style, we’re a bit turned off (we think) by the following weirdness: apparently, guys in London are outfitting their wardrobes with Sherlock Holmes-esque duds. Keep reading »

10 Celebrity Tweet-And-Deletes

delete kat von d jpg
Turns out Kat Von D and Jesse James maybe actually are dating! Yesterday, Kat tweeted, “And yes, Jesse and I are dating.” The message was promptly deleted, but not before over 100 of her followers re-tweeted it. Sounds like Kat had some Twitterer’s remorse … a common affliction in the celebrity world, apparently. Here, we’ve rounded up some more funny celebrity tweet-and-deletes. [People]
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