Upgrade Your Wellies To Stay Warm And Dry

Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 2, 2011

As the Midwest and Northeast United States gets hit with the millionth snowstorm/blizzard thing (whatever you call it, it’s crappy) of the season, we’re obsessing about staying warm and dry. Hunter wellies are a winter staple for us Frisky gals — these rain boots look cute but protect your feet from puddles. But when it&#8217… More »

With Royal Wedding Condoms, British Taxpayers Won’t Be The Only Ones Getting Screwed!

Jessica Wakeman / February 2, 2011

Royal wedding memorabilia has reached a new level of tastelessness: Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction is selling Prince William and Kate Middleton-themed condoms! Instructing randy Brits to “lie back and think of England” because “like a royal wedding, intercourse with a loved one is an unforgettable occasion,” the condoms are sold in royal purple package… More »

Maybe You Don’t Like Him, Maybe You Just Want To Be Him

Ami Angelowicz / February 2, 2011

It was one of my therapists who first enlightened me. “I just don’t know why I like him so much. He doesn’t feel the same way and I know it,” I managed to choke out through sobs. “What do you like about him?” she asked. Well he’s smart, funny, wacky, he travels a lot, and… More »

Camille Grammer Continues To Talk Smack About Kelsey’s Sexuality

Ami Angelowicz / February 2, 2011

“Something just didn’t click with us on an intimate level. We just didn’t mesh sexually. We weren’t intimate. I think that’s a really important part of a marriage, to be intimate with your partner. We didn’t really have that … I love cuddling … We didn’t even do that. He was too busy watching FOX… More »

Poll: Do You See Men Who Don’t Eat Meat As Less Manly?

Jessica Wakeman / February 2, 2011

[poll id=3012]… More »

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