Justin Bieber Meets A Body He Can’t Rock

Justin Bieber is guest starring this fall on an episode of “C.S.I” and CBS just released this photo of him on the set. It looks the Beebs finally made the heartbreaking discovery that his angelic prepubescent voice cannot bring people back from the dead. It can only make 12-year-old girls go crazy and earn him millions of dollars. Bummer. Keep reading »

Taylor Momsen: A Year In Thigh Highs

taylor momsen thigh highs 1 jpg
When I saw Taylor Momsen in the new Material Girl line photos, I did a double take. Wait, something’s really different about her. Bleached blond mange mop? Check. Way too much black eyeliner? Check. Dirty boots? Check. Angsty snarl? Check. Thigh highs? Thigh highs? Oh crap. She’s wearing pants? And a skirt? And I can see her actual legs? It was then I realized that Taylor Momsen has pretty much without fail been rocking thigh highs, non-stop, for the past year. How many pairs does that girl have? After the jump, a retrospective of Taylor Momsen’s year in thigh highs. It could be time for a new look. Just saying.

Girl Talk: My Biological Clock Is Broken

I’m smack in the middle of my 30s and recently married. For some childless women my age, this is tick-tick-tick time. However, while other women may be intimately in touch with their ovulation cycles, I’m in no hurry to have kids now, if ever. My old man and I have talked about it, but we’re both horrified by how much our lives would have to change — not to mention how big a pain in the ass kids are for, oh, say, 18 years. Keep reading »

Jason Bateman Dances In Drag For Gum

How many nights has the last thought in your head before going to sleep been “Man, I wish I could see Jason Bateman in drag doing a striptease?” Plenty, I’m sure. Well, your late-night fantasies have been answered! As part of a promotional campaign for Orbit gum, Batmen does his best “Showgirls” impression and proves that the gum doesn’t only clean dirty mouths, but dirty souls as well. Keep reading »

Joaquin Phoenix Reveals White Boy Dreads In “I’m Still Here” Poster

I still have no effing clue what the Joaquin Phoenix documentary, “I’m Still Here,” (directed by accused sexual harasser Casey Affleck) is about, but I can’t wait to see it and find out. If only so I can finally learn what his god-awful crazy homeless man makeover was all about. Will Joaquin show up to the premiere freshly shaved or “in character” (if indeed this was a character)? I’m confusing myself. Sorry. Keep reading »

Why So Sad, Mr. President?

obama 1 jpg
Whether you like his politics or not, it’s hard to deny that Barack Obama has a magnetic, lights-up-a-room smile. But lately, we can’t help but notice that a lot of images coming out of the White House show the prez with (gasp) a frown. Take, for example, this photo snapped yesterday on his birthday. Someone sing the man “Happy Birthday,” stat! Keep clicking for more photos of sad Obama.
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