Girl Talk: Should We Ask Victims Of Domestic Violence Why They Stayed?

By: Judy McGuire / October 26, 2010
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. With that in mind, we're reposting this article from Judy McGuire which originally ran in July 2009. Yesterday, two of the other lady blogs wrestled over the politics of asking victims of domestic violence why they stayed with their abusers. Are you a bad feminist if you ask someone—say,… More »

Ryan Gosling Did Not Excel On “The Mickey Mouse Club”

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 26, 2010
"It was kind of depressing because when I got there, they realized that I wasn’t really up to snuff in comparison with what some of the other kids were able to do. I remember one time they put four of us in a dance routine, but I was so off. I was on the end,… More »

Charlie Sheen Found Naked And Thoroughly Intoxicated In Hotel Room

I was feeling kind of proud of Charlie Sheen for playing nice with Denise Richards and spending some quality time in New York with his kids this week. But now reports are out that the po-pos were called to his suite at the Plaza Hotel at 2 a.m. this morning. They found him naked… More »

Dater X: Making The First Move

By: Dater X / October 26, 2010
I remember watching Dan stroll into Chemistry 101. He had on a blue hoodie and was dancing to the DiscMan he held in his right hand. He sat down at a table across the room from me, not bothering to put his music away, even though the bell was about to ring. He turned around… More »

6 Celebrities Who’ve Had Ghostly Encounters

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 26, 2010
Lady Gaga just dropped $5K for a Ghostbuster machine to do a "spirit-seeking sweep" of one of the London venues on her Monster's Ball tour. See, she believes that evil spirits are haunting her. We are serious. One of her aides had to buy the kit, which includes an electro-magnetic field reader. Owner of… More »

Do Not Want: BeardHead Hats

By: Leonora Epstein / October 26, 2010
Oh no. Please tell us this is a joke. The New York Daily News reports that a California company called BeardHats is actually ... successful? People are wearing these? In public? And here we had thought the beard accessory trend was on the decline. Damn you, cold weather! You bring out the fools and… More »