Katy Perry And 7 Other Celebs Who Have Crashed Prom

Katy Perry
Over the weekend a bunch of excited Aussie teenagers got a surprise visit from pop songstress Katy Perry. Apparently the singer wasn’t too busy kissing girls or gushing wildly about her boyfriend Russell Brand to make a pit stop at the Melbourne High School prom, where she drunkenly ran through her hit “California Gurls.”

But Perry isn’t the only celeb who’s crashed a prom or two. After the jump, more celebs who have made someone else’s prom the night of their lives.

Dog Enjoys Going For A Swing

I have a feverish cold and am in a bad mood, but the grilled cheese sandwich I just ate and this video of a Golden Retriever in a swing are starting to make me feel better. Happy Monday! [via The Daily What] Keep reading »

Quotable: Winnie Cooper Wants Her Baby To Be A Math Genius

“I know music in general is supposed to be good for babies to hear. But I sing this one math song—‘The Quadratic Formula Song.’ It’s sung to ‘Pop Goes the Weasel.’ X equals negative B, plus or minus a square root, of B squared minus 4 A C, all over 2 A. It’s such a cute little song. I went online once and saw a little 2-year-old singing it and thought, ‘Okay, that’s going to be my child.’”

—Danica McKellar, who you remember from “The Wonder Years,” is preggers and wants to make sure her baby is a whiz at math just like she is. That is, she wants her kid to get beat up on the playground. Just kidding. Sort of. [People] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I’m Having A Quarter-Life Crisis”

I graduated from college earlier this year and like so many bright-eyed 20-somethings, I believed I was about to start on a grand Real World Adventure. Four months post-graduation, in the worst employment market since the Great Depression, my world view has dulled considerably. I’m working (for pay) and interning (for “work experience”), and with student loan payments starting soon, I gave up my apartment to move back home. My social circle, which was sizable as an undergrad, has taken repeated blows — my best friend just started med school, four others moved out of state (or out of country) for jobs, and the ones who are still around have (understandably) fallen in step with work friends or are still in school. I feel disconnected and lost, like everyone’s moving forward with their lives and I’m stuck in place. I’ve joined dating sites and sports leagues in an attempt to meet more people my age, but nothing seems to click. My mom keeps assuring me that when I get a job everything will fall into place and my Grand Adventure will begin. In the meantime, how do I regain my sanity and my social life? — Real World Weary

Keep reading »

Who Will Make The First 3-D Porn?

We all knew it was coming. The moment we saw the fusing of the blue tentacles in “Avatar,” it seemed pretty obvious that, someday, someone was going to make a 3-D porno. But evidently, three such films are in the works and are racing to be the first to make it to the big screen. First, there’s a director in Hong Kong filming a skin flick called “3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy,” a $3.2 million project due to be out next May. And then there’s Italian director Tinto Brass, who wants to remake the 1979 orgy “Caligula” using new 3-D technology. And then there’s Hustler, which has evidently been inspired by “Avatar,” too. The porn magazine is making a spoof of the movie, only with lots of boning. What do we think—cool or scary? Keep reading »

We Could Never Justify Spending That Much On …

chanel cotton wipes jpg
It’s one thing to save up for what you might call an “investment piece” like a great winter coat, a power handbag, or the perfect LBD you’ll wear for the rest of your life. However, we can’t figure out why some people would spend the following amounts on these items … click through to see what we’re talking about. Do you agree? What do you think is absolutely the stupidest thing you could spend a lot of money on?

$20: Maybe if you were just dying to own something with a Chanel logo on it, you’d buy these makeup wipes. But we believe your local drugstore sells the same thing for about $2.99.

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