East Coast Vs. West Coast Fashion

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / November 16, 2010
It's a feud that has burned for decades in rap songs and friendly debates and Food Network specials: East Coast vs. West Coast. There are undeniable differences between the two regions, but what about the East Coast vs. West Coast aesthetic? Just how different are the fashion choices of the two coasts? I grew u… More »

Christina Aguilera Gets Her Star

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 16, 2010
"Burlesque" star Christina Aguilera channeled Marilyn Monroe -- how unique! -- as she celebrated getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. More »

9 Animals Getting Frisky With Humans

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 16, 2010

Quickies: Will Sue Sylvester Insult Gwyneth Paltrow On “Glee”? Plus, R-Patz Fights For K-Stew

By: Annika Harris / November 15, 2010
In anticipation of Sue Sylvester maybe telling off Gwyneth Paltrow on tomorrow's episode of "Glee," here's Sue's best insults so far. [TresSugar] Check out Hermione's best words of wisdom over the years. [BuzzSugar] Jessica Simpson doesn't want a pre-nup with Eric Johnson. [PopEater] Mel Gibson says he didn't hit Oksana Grigorieva, only slapped her. Someone… More »

Get Over Your Breakup, Already!

By: Lemondrop / November 15, 2010
What's healthier: Still bringing up your ex five-hundred moons after you broke up with him, or, say, doing a search for his name on Flickr and gaining access to his latest photo uploads in the privacy of your own apartment and/or cube? Am I less insane for airing the fact that I can't get over… More »

Today’s Lady News: Tina Fey Owes It All To Sarah Palin

By: Jessica Wakeman / November 15, 2010
Check out Tina Fey's acceptance speech for receiving the Mark Twain Prize for humor last week. Tina is only the third woman in history to do so after Lily Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg. "I do hope women are achieving at a rate these days that we can stop counting what number they are at things,"… More »