More Ridiculous Than The Vampire Facial—Wrinkle-Reducing Goggles

Beer goggles: Make ugly people look prettier.

Japanese wrinkle goggles: Make ugly people look uglier, normal people look uglier.

The last completely insane anti-aging treatment we heard about was the vampire facelift, a creepy process involving facial blood injections, but now these “wrinkle goggles” make just about any beauty treatment seem legit in comparison. Keep reading »

“Pink Kisses” Will Make You Feel Better About Your Breakup — For a Price

OK, so I know that this site, Pink Kisses, is designed to help women get over bad breakups. But something about it is so horribly Scary Sadshaw, so terribly desperate and faux “you go girl” that I actually feel more depressed now that I’ve seen this clip. The service aims to help women recover from failed relationships, because “moving on is the best revenge” (actually, the saying is, “living well is the best revenge,” but whatever) and, for a fee, will send you a basket of crap to make you feel better about your breakup. I don’t know, but I think trying to make a buck on women who are dealing with breakups seems a little, well, tacky. Then again, we all need a bouquet of roses every once in a while. Keep reading »

Sarah Palin post

Palin was smacked with the lucky stick when she was plucked from Alaska to be John McCain’s running mate. But she charged ahead (some might say like a Mama Grizzly), forging a new path and defining a new role in the Democratic Party. As much as some liberals might find the phrases like “pitbull with lipstick” and “Mama Grizzly” too buzzword-y and irritating, you can’t deny people have responded to it.

Traitster and Holmes ask, when will the Democratic Party get a Palin of their own?

“We wonder if Democrats shouldn’t look to her for twisted inspiration,” they ask, “and recognize that the future of women in politics will be about coming to terms with (and inventing) new models.” Keep reading »

The Worst Job In Hollywood: Stylist To Patti Stanger

Oh Patti, Patti, Patti … we’re huge fans of the Millionaire Matchmaker‘s show and dating advice, but we’d never in a million years want to set foot in her closet. TMZ got a hold of some truly crazy audio in which Stanger rips a new one for her stylist, Lauren Solomon, who apparently didn’t pull any of the looks Patti wanted for a “Today Show” segment with Elle. OK, so maybe Solomon didn’t get exactly what her client asked of her, but we’re not sure that merits a screaming tirade like this: “So why would you have me in f**king random clothes … this is Elle f**king magazine! … Count the f**king measurement to my f**king knee!” Ouch.

Click through to TMZ to hear the full audio. [TMZ] Keep reading »

Must Try: Personalized Arcade Fire Music Video!

As if I wasn’t already obsessed enough with the new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, it just got better. You can visit this website to create a personalized, interactive music video for the song “We Used to Wait.” Just enter your own suburban childhood address and the magic of Google images will have you flying over your old street. I got kind of choked up when I saw San Rosendo Dr. and the cul-de-sac where I used to ride my bike, the place where my brother and I built forts, and even my swimming pool. It took me all the way to the window outside of my old bedroom! Hello, nostalgia, I love you. [Stereogum] Keep reading »

10 Actors Kiss And Tell About Their Sex Scene Partners

love scene kissntell g1 jpg
A lot of women would give their first born to make out with George Clooney, and his co-star in “The American,” Violante Placido, had the honor of performing a sex scene with the guy. Violante said of her co-star, “I felt like this was in a way something new to him, he wasn’t that experienced … We were very open to one another to try and make it work. We just said ‘let’s trust each other’ and we did. I felt like we had to let ourselves go.” I have a hard time believing Clooney isn’t that experienced sexually. [People]

It’s pretty awesome that even though we don’t (usually) get to make out with actors, their co-stars are perfectly happy to kiss and tell. We’ve rounded up a few examples.

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