Sept. 23: What Are You Wearing Today?

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Happy Thursday! I had three white wines at this luncheon I went to! That’s why I am so enthusiastic about finding out what everyone’s wearing today!

Fall TV Guide: Hilarity Ensues On “Outsourced”

Speaking of sitcoms, NBC Thursday nights have long been the place to go for ones that are hilarious versus merely tolerable if you need something to watch while painting your nails. We already love “Community”—Betty White will be guest starring tonight!—which joined old favorites “30 Rock” and “The Office” last year. And now NBC is adding another new sitcom to the lineup—”Outsourced” is the tale of your typical 20-something American guy who goes to leadership training to run a call center for a novelty products company, only to return and find that the center has been moved to India. Keep reading »

Fall Jackets: How To Wear The New Styles

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Now that it’s fall again we will be working extra hard to find the best clothes to outfit you. We’ve put together a comprehensive collection of the four biggest trends in jackets in a broad price range to help you find your favorite fall staple that won’t break the bank. This season it’s all about combining soft femininity with strong lines. Mixing slim jeans and leather booties with your new cape, motorcycle jacket or faux fur vest will make heads turn, men flock and all the ladies super jealous.

Celine Dion Is So Punk Rock

Every mohawked anarchist has a softer side. And because I look for every opportunity to post it, check out my favorite Celine Dion tribute video, which details why she is universally amazing, after the jump. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Jorge Garcia Joins Weezer On Stage

Rivers Cuomo and the dudes of Weezer aren’t just obsessed with unraveling sweaters—they’re also big fans of “Lost.” Hence, why they decided to call their new album Hurley and to use the character’s face as the album cover. Well, at an event last night, the band was actually joined by none other than Jorge Garcia. He helped them sing “Perfect Situation.” We say put that large man in stripes, get him a pair of glasses, and make him a permanent part of the band! [EW] Keep reading »

8 Messy Supermodel Divorces

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After months of name-calling, accusations of drug use, a custody battle and a public airing of laundry, Stephanie Seymour and her millionaire newsprint mogul husband of 15 years, Peter Brant, have decided to reconcile instead of continuing in their divorce. Their statement read, “There’s a lot of love there and they are working things out for the family.” Way to get us riled up over nothing, jeez! I wonder why supermodel divorces seem to be nastier than the average separation? If I learned anything from the middle school lunchroom, it probably has something to do with the fact that pretty girls aren’t always nice and their boyfriends are usually even less so. [NY Daily News]
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