10 Amazing Celeb-O-Lanterns

By: Ami Angelowicz / October 27, 2010

Adventures In Creepy Babysitting

By: Julie Gerstein / October 27, 2010
Behold, the creepiest baby doll we've ever seen. The Reborn Baby Doll doesn't just have the faux face of a real baby doll. It also spits up and has a faux heartbeat, too. They're custom weighted and individually molded out. And they really, really freak us out. [Reborn Baby]… More »

Happy Birthday, Simon Le Bon!

By: Ami Angelowicz / October 27, 2010
Simon Le Bon, the lead singer of Duran Duran, produced some of my favorite '80s music of all time -- "Rio," "Hungry Like the Wolf," "Girls on Film," "Reflex," "New Moon on Monday," to name just a few. And he was so hot back in the day. Major crush. Happy birthday, dude! More »

Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Is Justin Timberlake The New Celebrity Cheater? Prince William and Kate To Wed?

By: Kelli Bender / October 27, 2010
The tabloids are all about examining celebrity relationships, real or imaginary. But this week we are in celeb couple conjecture overhaul. The gossip mags are covering all stages: new loves, cheating scandals, possible breakups, and confirmed splits. This means that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal's bizarro potential relationship can take a step to the… More »

I Feel Sorry For The Marie Claire “Fatties” Author

By: Jessica Wakeman / October 27, 2010
I have a high threshold for sexist, sizeist, classist, and racist things that people write on the internet because I've seen so much of it over the years. But the MarieClaire.com article by Maura Kelly titled "Should 'Fatties' Get A Room?" -- which we told you about yesterday -- was above-and-beyond disgusting. More »

In Defense Of Press-On Nails

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / October 27, 2010
Today there's something a little different about my look. I haven't cut my hair or decided to wear bright red lipstick. No, I just have on press-on nails. "Why?" you may ask. I'm here to explain, "Why not?"… More »