Poll: What Do You Remember Better — Your First Kiss Or Losing Your Virginity?

Ami Angelowicz / January 10, 2011

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Make Up Forever HD Powder Is Behind Hollywood’s Concealer Blunders

Annika Harris / January 10, 2011

The paps snapped Eva Longoria on an apparent date with actor Kevin Connolly. And of course everyone noticed the extreme white concealer under Eva’s eyes. She’s the latest celebrity to sport this concealer blunder. In 2009, Nicole Kidman inspired a beauty post on how to get under-eye concealer right. We expect celebrities to have the… More »

I Went Crazy Thrifting And Bought 7 Coats!

Annika Harris / January 10, 2011

On Saturday, I went to the Salvation Army coat sale for the first time. It would have been quite an overwhelming experience if my “thrifting coach,” Patrice J. Williams of Living Fly On A Dime, hadn’t given me some pointers before we began shopping. You see, Patrice has challenged herself to purchase only thrifted, second-hand,… More »

Yes, Please: Feather Hair Extensions

Julie Gerstein / January 10, 2011

Regular hair extensions are so 2010. Step into the future of hair extensions with colorful feather-y extensions from Wendy Nichols. We’re not saying we’d wear these every day–to the grocery store or the post office, per se–but Nichols’ colorful extensions are perfect for a night out. [Refinery 29]… More »

9 Celebrity Couples Who’ve Guest Starred Together

Can’t Get Laid? Listen To Some Music

Julie Gerstein / January 10, 2011

Put another record on: It turns out that listening to music is just about as good as sex when it comes to making people happy. A new study from Canadian researchers at McGill University in Montreal found that the dopamine released while having sex is the same you get when listening to music. Researchers vetted… More »