8 Stars Who’ve Stayed On The Wagon

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Quotable: Juliette Binoche Thinks Gerard Depardieu Has Man Problems

“I think something, probably some masculine part, is hurt somewhere.”

–Actress Juliette Binoche on a nasty comment fellow actor Gerard Depardieu made about her and her new film “Certified Copy.” Depardieu was quoted as saying, “Please can you explain to me what the secret of this actress is meant to be? […] She has nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Harsh, Gerard. [Gather.com] Keep reading »

Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Christina Ricci’s Biker Chick On The Prairie Look?

What Do You Think Of Christina Ricci's Biker Chick On The Prairie Look?

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Dudes Race Rapids With Sex Dolls

Congratulations (I guess) go out to St. Petersburg native Vladislav Pavlenko, first-place finisher in this year’s annual “Bubble Baba Challenge,” in which hundreds of people leap into Russia’s Vuoksa River on top of an inflatable sex doll and race down the rapids. Pavlenko’s time of 2 minutes 47 seconds was enough to beat out all of his competitors, but it’s still tough for me to refer to him as a “winner.” Read more Keep reading »

Matchmaker Uses Twitter To Find Mates

Paul Carrick Brunson, known as the Modern Day Matchmaker, is going against conventional thought and finding love for his clients using social media. Each “Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesday,” Brunson takes to Twitter to find a match for one of his clients, usually a man, amongst his 5,000 followers. The followers ask questions about the client, and Brunson picks out the best questions to answer. After the 45-minute-long Q&A, Brunson tweets a photo of the client. He then searches his timeline for match requests, but only a few special followers are selected to meet with the client. Brunson turned an effort to get his brother more followers into a matchmaking career, but is Twitter the way to find love? Well, the more important question to me is whether Brunson is available. [The Black Snob via The Root] Keep reading »

Singing Unicorn Covers Culture Club

Somehow, this video of a serenading unicorn singing a Culture Club song is so right. I want to live in this world. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

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