Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Interpol To The Thermals

Summer might be over, but the new releases are still h-o-t! This week, Interpol releases their fourth rad record, and it is perhaps their last Carlos D-licious one. Tear. Plus, The Thermals suffer through a break-up and Young Buck goes to rehab—wonder if he hung out with Lindsay Lohan? But I digress. So, get those headphones on, because there’s some major tune-age, after the jump! Keep reading »

Pete Wentz Tries To Pretend He’s Not With Ashlee Simpson

As Ashlee Simpson became really excited at the US Open, her hubby, Pete Wentz, tried to pretend he wasn’t with her. He gave the crowd a blank stare while repeatedly thinking: “Please sit down. Please sit down. Don’t let them realize we’re together. I’d never let my hair look like that.” [NYC, 9/7/10] Keep reading »

7 Reality TV Couples Who’ve Been Caught On Camera

bachelor pad caught m jpg
On the most recent installment of “Bachelor Pad,” Elizabeth Kitt and Jesse Kovacs made a pact and sealed the deal with a dirty handshake. The two got some alone time in the Fantasy Suite and seemed to have been unaware that there were cameras in there. When they got in there, Kovacs said, “Do you want to get naked? If you do, that’s cool. Whatever. Is that awesome? Or is that…” and Elizabeth responded, “Well, it’s awesome if we’re in love and we’re making love but if it’s just railing then no it’s not cool.” A few minutes later, they were going at it and Elizabeth was going down the rabbit hole of self-hatred, lamenting, ”What the f— am I doing?’ Like, why am I throwing away 250 thousand dollars for a guy who doesn’t love me?” More importantly, why are you doing it in front of millions of TV viewers? We’ve rounded up a few other reality TV couples who got caught on camera having the sex. [EW]

Amy Poehler Will Host “Saturday Night Live”‘s Season Premiere, But Jenny Slate Is Out

Do a little happy dance: Amy Poehler will return to “Saturday Night Live” on September 25th to host with Katy Perry as the musical guest. But all is not well on the new “SNL” season — featured player Jenny Slate has allegedly been given the boot. Keep reading »

Money 101: How To Negotiate Anything

One of my favorite coats is a gorgeous knee-length number that coordinates with almost anything. The best thing about this coat is that I paid the criminal price of $10 for it. I found it on a clearance rack. It was the only coat of its kind and happened to be in my size; our relationship was obviously meant to be. It lacked a price tag, however, and I was scared this meant it would be expensive. When I asked the cost, the manager pulled a jacket of lesser quality from the same rack and said she’d give me my coat for the same insanely low price. Delighted, I showed her where the coat was missing a button, thinking she would have a suggestion for replacing it. Instead she shrugged and offered to knock off an additional 10 percent. I couldn’t hand over my debit card fast enough, and when I got home? The missing button was tucked in the pocket.

As adorable as the coat is, the amazing bargain makes me love it more. While my steal was more the result of a tired manager than my intense negotiating skills, it definitely whet my appetite for wheeling a good deal. Knowing how to ask for one can be intimidating, though. Jim Camp, negotiation skills trainer and coach, and author of Start with No, offered this advice for the negotiating novice. Keep reading »

Demi Lovato Rocks A Tutu

When Demi Lovato posted this photo of herself on Twitter, she captioned it, “They call me … MC DLOVE!!!!!!!!!” Oookay. But is it wrong that I kinda love this ensemble? Keep reading »

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