5 Things We Don’t Understand About The Way Men Fight

By: Jessica Wakeman / December 29, 2010

Men. Who can understand them? Not me. The thing about men I understand the least is how they fight. I literally feel like I’m speaking another language when I’m arguing with my dude. Are we talking about the same thing? Did we have the same conversation? Wait, are we even on the same planet? That’… More »

Treat Your Feet To Some Angora

By: Annika Harris / December 29, 2010

Plain cotton socks just don’t cut it in the winter; once they get wet, either from sweat or snow, they stay wet. And wet feet lead to cold feet. Wool socks, however, still provide insulation even when wet, guarding against hypothermia. But since we like our clothing to be as fabulous as it is functional,… More »

Rihanna Gets Flashed

By: Ami Angelowicz / December 29, 2010

Well that’s one way to get Rihanna’s attention. Perhaps not the most effective? [BuzzFeed]… More »

A Perm … For Your Eyelashes?

By: Leonora Epstein / December 29, 2010

The last time we saw a perm and liked it was in 7th grade when Jennifer Guglio’s mom let her get one and she accessorized it with colorful baby barrettes and Hello Kitty hair ties. That. Was. So. Cool. Since then? Not so much. Until Marie Claire brought up perms recently. They’re back, apparently. But… More »

Paternity Test Reunites Couple After 23 Years Apart

By: Wendy Atterberry / December 29, 2010

A couple in England was reunited recently after over 23 years apart when the woman tracked down the man to give a DNA sample for a paternity test. Sarah Daniels, 42, showed up at Roy Cook’s door after ending their brief eight-month romance 23 years earlier. She was 17 the last time she saw him… More »

6 New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

By: Wendy Atterberry / December 29, 2010

There’s nothing wrong with vowing to lose weight or quit smoking, but as far as most New Year’s resolutions go, they’re a bit tired and uninspired, don’t you think? For your health and happiness, by all means put down the cigarettes and pick up some hand-weights, but in the interest of personal growth and feeling… More »