Break Out The Printed Leggings: ’90s-Inspired Fashion Is Back!

By: Carrie Morrissey / November 1, 2010

Election Day Is Tomorrow — Tell Us Why You’re Going To Vote!

By: Jessica Wakeman / November 1, 2010
As if you could forget with all the attack ads gumming up TV right now, tomorrow is Election Day. Presidential elections are definitely a lot more exciting, but midterms are actually pretty important, too. If you care about forwarding President Obama's agenda — or would give all the Girl Scout cookies in your… More »

The Rally To Restore Sanity, Auto-Tuned

This weekend, I hightailed it to Washington, D.C., for "The Daily Show"'s and "The Colbert Report"'s Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear. It was basically a big old party with amazing sign watching. (My personal faves read: "I Had a Tea Party with Your Mama" and "Palin/Snooki 2012." The crowd was—how do I… More »

Shopping Guide: Pullover Sweaters For Easy Fall Dressing

By: Annika Harris / November 1, 2010

Nordstrom’s New Boutique Puts Charity Centerstage

By: Leonora Epstein / November 1, 2010
Blackbook informs us that shopping giant Nordstrom will be setting up a non-profit shop in New York City's Soho neighborhood. The high-design charity boutique is an already-existing concept, and a successful one at that. Merci, a concept store in Paris, was founded by the past owners of Bonpoint, a fancy children's clothing line. More »

Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 1, 2010
This weekend's "Saturday Night Live," hosted by Jon Hamm, was basically a slam dunk. But my favorite part was the digital short where musical guest Rihanna played opposite Andy Samberg's "Shy Ronnie" character. Ronnie really needs to exercise that voicebox. Uh-oh, boner alert! More »