Justin Bieber Taking Estrogen Pills? Nope, Just A Fake Trending Topic

Poor little Justin Bieber has yet another awful trending topic about him. “Justin Bieber takes estrogen pills.” I wonder if he likes that better or worse than the previous trending topics that he “molests fans,” “had a testicle removed,” or “impregnated his mother.” Darn you, 4Chan or whoever is cyber bullying the Biebs. Don’t you know that cyber bullying is serious?! Even if famous people are the victims. [Huffington Post]

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Today’s Lady News: Louisiana Abortion Clinic Shut Down By State Health Department

  • An abortion clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana, closed on Friday after a new law went into effect allowing the state’s Department of Health and Hospitals to close any clinic believed to be posing a health or safety threat. [KSLA]
  • The Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger received a six-game suspension after rape accusations, but on Friday the NFL commissioner reduced it to four games. Yeah, that’ll show him. [Jezebel]

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Minka Kelly Calls Boyfriend Derek Jeter To Solve Her Airline Problems

“Friday Night Lights” actress Minka Kelly allegedly freaked out while boarding an airplane today because she wasn’t allowed to have her dog on the seat with her. There were tears. There was screaming. There was a phone call to her maybe-fiancé Derek Jeter to talk some sense into a barbarian flight staff. Why do we all of a sudden feel solidarity with JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater?

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Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Interpol To The Thermals

Summer might be over, but the new releases are still h-o-t! This week, Interpol releases their fourth rad record, and it is perhaps their last Carlos D-licious one. Tear. Plus, The Thermals suffer through a break-up and Young Buck goes to rehab—wonder if he hung out with Lindsay Lohan? But I digress. So, get those headphones on, because there’s some major tune-age, after the jump! Keep reading »

Pete Wentz Tries To Pretend He’s Not With Ashlee Simpson

As Ashlee Simpson became really excited at the US Open, her hubby, Pete Wentz, tried to pretend he wasn’t with her. He gave the crowd a blank stare while repeatedly thinking: “Please sit down. Please sit down. Don’t let them realize we’re together. I’d never let my hair look like that.” [NYC, 9/7/10] Keep reading »

7 Reality TV Couples Who’ve Been Caught On Camera

bachelor pad caught m jpg
On the most recent installment of “Bachelor Pad,” Elizabeth Kitt and Jesse Kovacs made a pact and sealed the deal with a dirty handshake. The two got some alone time in the Fantasy Suite and seemed to have been unaware that there were cameras in there. When they got in there, Kovacs said, “Do you want to get naked? If you do, that’s cool. Whatever. Is that awesome? Or is that…” and Elizabeth responded, “Well, it’s awesome if we’re in love and we’re making love but if it’s just railing then no it’s not cool.” A few minutes later, they were going at it and Elizabeth was going down the rabbit hole of self-hatred, lamenting, ”What the f— am I doing?’ Like, why am I throwing away 250 thousand dollars for a guy who doesn’t love me?” More importantly, why are you doing it in front of millions of TV viewers? We’ve rounded up a few other reality TV couples who got caught on camera having the sex. [EW]
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