Where Not To Shop For Your Man (Unless Your Man Is a Douchebag)

The douchey tragedy of Hollister can be found in the little details: the fact that their men’s and women’s sections are called “Dudes” and “Bettys,” respectively, that they encourage men to wear sweatpants with “CALI” plastered across the bum, that the stores’ entryways are lined with tiki torches. Back when I worked at Starbucks one of my coworkers, who also worked part time at Hollister, took me aside one day and told me he was quitting. “Why?” I asked. He beamed: “I’ve been promoted to shirtless greeter.”

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Katy Perry’s Boobs Are Banned From “Sesame Street”

Katy Perry‘s play date with “Sesame Street” has been canceled! A video of Katy and Elmo made it onto YouTube this week where she sings a cleaned-up version of “Hot N Cold” about wanting to play dress-up with her furry red friend. But then someone at The Sesame Workshop started reading the internet commenters’ complaints. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Do Guys Have A Have A License To Be Gross?

I work five days a week in an office. I sit in a cubicle, but not the kind with high walls that allow for privacy. These cubicles, rather, are like big tables with mere foot-high dividers—not nearly tall enough to impede a supervisor’s casual glance at your monitor or even the air that your cubemate expels from his mouth eight hours a day. Fortunately, I sit right next to a man who makes me chuckle with his insight and witticisms. Unfortunately, he burps all day. Keep reading »

Silver Tie Affair

For rocking the business look, you have two options: dress in a boring skirt suit or play hardball with the boys and go the menswear route. If, that is, you actually know how to tie a tie — do you? Otherwise, try this cheeky silver necktie necklace by Brooklyn-based jewelry company Metal Sugar. The silver cut-out silhouette will give new meaning to your “business casual” looks, or make your weekend wear a bit sharper.

[$85.00 Supermarket]

Harvey Sid Fisher Loves A P-P-P-Pisces!

Harvey Sid Fisher is a veritable Jack-of-all-trades. He sings, acts, dances and is the “undisputed king of astrology songs,” a category for which we’re pretty sure there’s no competition. Fisher in fact wrote 12 different astrology songs — one for each sign — and performed them on a local cable access show to show his astrological appreciation. Enjoy his tribute to your birth sign and pick up some stellar lady dance moves in the process. [AV Club] Keep reading »

5 Things I Never

Remember that drinking game “I Never” that you probably played in college after a few shots of vodka or a 6-pack of Zima? Well, I miss it, and I want to play it with you right now (no Zima necessary … although if you have some vodka on hand, no one’s judging). I’ll start, and in the comments you can list a few things that you “have never.” After the jump, five things I never. Keep reading »

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