Joaquin Phoenix Returns To Face Letterman

The last time Joaquin Phoenix appeared on David Letterman‘s show, he stunned the talk show host with his shaggy appearance and caustic behavior. It’s since been revealed that Phoenix came on the show “in character” for the movie “I’m Still Here,” his and Casey Affleck’s scripted pseudo-documentary about celebrity. Last night, he went back to Letterman’s stage to explain himself, confirm that Dave was not in on the, for lack of a better word, “hoax,” and to apologize and thank Letterman for giving him a proper “beatdown.” Clip above! [via PopEater] Keep reading »

10 Musicians Who Tapped Their Significant Other For A Music Video

carrie underwood 092210 m jpg
Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t the only ones who’ve figured out that featuring your other half in a music video can do wonders for your career. Not all artists have a musically gifted SO to back them up in their videos, but regardless, having your real-life man or woman appear in a music video can add some extra buzz and make finding the on-screen chemistry a lot easier. Carrie Underwood is the most recent singer to tap a love interest for a cameo in a music video. The country singer’s new hubby, Mike Fisher, makes an appearance in the “Mama’s Song” video, along with—you guessed it—Carrie’s mother. The tune is a thank you to Mama Underwood from Carrie for raising her right and getting her ready to accept love. Mike, much like his real-life role, plays that man Carrie gives her heart to.

After the jump, check out which other artists have used their lovers as co-stars, usually with sexy results.

Quickies: Japan Denies Paris Hilton Entry & Lil’ Wayne Has “Gonorrhea”

  • Japanese officials denied Paris Hilton entry because of her guilty plea for cocaine possession. [TMZ]
  • For National Singles Week, here’s a fun quiz that lets you match quotes to the single star who said it. [TresSugar]
  • When a guy says he’s quite fond of you, what exactly does that mean? [YourTango]

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Snooki Puts On A Dog And Pony Show

Awww … look. Snooki’s mini-pony has a mini-pouf.
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Today’s Lady News: Meryl Streep Wants A Lady Museum

  • Meryl Streep has pledged $1 million towards the creation of a Women’s History Museum in Washington, D.C. The Senate is expected to vote on a bill about the museum’s creation and about allocating a place for the institution near the National Mall. The bill doesn’t ask the government to pony up any of the cash because it will all be funded privately. [Washington Post]
  • The White House recently announced that Larry Summers, the controversial ex-president of Harvard University, is leaving the National Economic Council at the end of the year. Word on the street says President Obama wants to replace him with a female CEO. [Politico]
  • Today kicks off the “40 Days of Life” protest, for which opponents of abortion will pray and fast outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan/College Station, Texas, through December. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has released a statement calling the protests outside their clinic harassment. Anti-abortion protesters in Tulsa are joining the “40 Days of Life” protest, too. [KBTX, Tulsa World]

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Jared Leto: The Hair Model Years

Holy Jordan Catalano! Check out these recently unearthed photos of an 18-year-old Jared Leto posing as a hair model with a mane that would make Soundgarden-era Chris Cornell jealous. Check out another shot, after the jump! [Santoro & Co. via ONTD]

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