At The Boys’ Club: What Women Want Men To Notice

According to AskMen, there are a few things women want men to notice about them.

“Unlike men who can get away with rolling out of bed, throwing on some semi-clean clothes and doing a bit of minor grooming, women spend a ton of time and money on their appearance. Sure, they dress and groom in order to feel good about themselves, but the idea of being attractive to men is never far from their minds either. Unfortunately, a lady’s efforts are too often overlooked by male admirers who may appreciate the look as a whole, but don’t notice the little things that go into it.”

What are they? Find out Keep reading »

Style Stealer: Leona Lewis’ Sweater Coat

Brit singer and Simon Cowell buddy Leona Lewis has one of the best clothing items for the fall climate — a sweater coat! Not quite a coat, but more substantial than a regular cardigan, the sweater coat just might become your favorite companion as you brave the unpredictable fall weather. We especially like the ones with unusual patterns and textures, but simple neutrals is a great place to start if you’re new to the trend. See how you can steal Leona’s style after the jump. Keep reading »

Should Married Men Have Women Friends?

Quick quiz: A 38-year-old man you don’t know well asks you to dinner. He is married, you are married. Is he hitting on you? Read more Keep reading »

Fall Trend Alert: Backpacks

blackbackpack 092910 m jpg
Celebs like Daisy Lowe, Ashley Olsen, Rihanna, and Rachel Bilson have all jumped on the backpack trend. And with all of the $1000+ “It” bags out there, isn’t it refreshing to find a style that is not only cute and totally wearable, but also functions as a bag should? Backpacks now come in everything from leather and suede, to canvas and nylon, and in fun prints, bright colors, and earthy tones. These aren’t the same padded, clunky backpacks that kiddies go off to school with — because at the end of the day, when faced with a choice between function and fabulous, we’ll take fabulous every time.

Above, the classic black leather backpack is sported by the likes of Megan Fox and Jessica Hart. Perfect to swing over a T-shirt or edge up a floral dress.

  1. $93, Rebel with a Purse Backpack, ModCloth
  2. $85.50, Woven Tassel Backpack, YesStyle
  3. $22, Smoothie Faux Patent Leather, YesStyle

The Top 10 Gifts Facebook Has Given Us

This weekend, “The Social Network,” a scripted movie about Facebook’s origins, opens nationwide. In honor of this momentous-ish occasion, we’ll be re-running some of our Facebook-related content that you might have missed, illustrating the good, bad, and ugly things the social networking site has brought into our previously status update-free lives. The piece below originally ran in Feb. 2009.

Facebook, the social networking site that has connected more than 150 million of us with people we wouldn’t recognize if we bumped into them on the street, turns five today! In honor of the big day, I’d like to reflect on the gifts that Facebook has given to us over the past five years. After the jump, the top ten gifts for which you can thank Facebook. Keep reading »

I Recovered From Brain Damage

Halfway through my senior year in high school, I was getting ready to have a huge party in my barn after Winter Ball. My friends and I were in the hay loft, decorating and messing around. I was hanging a sheet and not paying attention as I walked backward. I then passed through the hole in the loft ceiling, fell 14 feet backward, landed on my head and went into a coma. Read more Keep reading »

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