Why Do (Some) Girls Make Out With Other Girls In Public?

The guys over at Asylum think they’ve figured out why those two girls made out with each other in that bar last night while a group of guys watched.

“University of California, Santa Barbara, sociology professor Verta Taylor and feminist studies professor Leila J. Rupp examined the girls-making-out-with-girls phenomenon through a series of interviews with college-age women.

They found that there are four reasons women are now more likely to publicly lock lips …”

Find out what they are. Keep reading »

Cape Town: 6 Coat-Style Cover-Ups We’re Craving

les3suissescape jpg
Amelia and I have been obsessing over this cape coat from French chain Les 3 Suisses. Unfortunately, the retailer doesn’t appear to ship to the States. But how perfect is the styling with the peacoat-inspired form, jewel tone tights, and little pumps? We got so into it that we had to go on the hunt for accessible versions so you could re-create the look. Check out these chic capes after the jump!

13 Super Annoying Ways People Abuse Facebook And Twitter

This weekend, “The Social Network,” a scripted movie about Facebook’s origins, opens nationwide. In honor of this momentous-ish occasion, we’ll be re-running some of our Facebook-related content that you might have missed, illustrating the good, bad, and ugly things the social networking site has brought into our previously status update-free lives. The piece below originally ran in Jan. 2010.

We’ve already complained about the most annoying people and couples on Facebook, but even the most awesome human being can abuse their privileges on social networking sites like FB and Twitter. After the jump, the 13 most annoying and egregious misuses of Twitter and Facebook ever. Keep reading »

What I Wish I’d Known Before I Got Married

So you’ve met Mr. Oh-So-Right, and you’re pretty sure he’s about to pop the question. Or maybe he already has, and you’re halfway done planning your wedding. You’ve been dreaming about married life and … stop right there. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “My Husband Hits Me, But I’m Scared To Leave Him”

I’ve been married for four years and during that time, there have been three physical fights where my husband has hurt me. I’ve stayed with him because he’s been “my person” for seven years. The person who knows everything about me … and why I do the things I do or like the things I do. He’s the father of my child, and if I left I don’t want my son growing up knowing he has an abusive father. Plus, when I hurt my neck really bad — and was on pain killers/muscle relaxers and going to physical therapy — he took care of me and the house so I could recover. But then the third incident happened six weeks ago, and I finally saw everything in black and white.

Keep reading »

9 Celebs Who Will Always Be One Character

angela chase 100110 jpg
Every time we look at Claire Danes in those terrible Latisse commercials, we freeze up — that cannot be the same incredible talent who played Angela Chase on “My So-Called Life”!

We will always think of Claire Danes as Angela Chase, despite her turn as autistic cowgirl Temple Grandin or any other role she might take. Try as she might, Claire Danes is permanently Angela. Click through to see eight other actors who never quite escaped their signature role — and tell us in the comments which actors you’ll always associate with one particular character.

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