Hotness Awards Nominations From The Daily Tube!

We’re asked some of our friends to tell us who they nominated for the Hotness Awards. This weekend, Michael Caruso from hot viral video site The Daily Tube told us his picks. Check ‘em out! Keep reading »

Thrillist’s Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want

Stumped for a gift for your guy that isn’t GTA4 or the latest 10-blade razor? Have no fear! The Frisky has teamed up with Thrillist to bring you the top guy stuff that doesn’t suck—like this book of cringe-worthy celebrity vinyl! You can thank us after your BF is done thanking you.

Books: Celebrity Vinyl
A case study in unintentional hilarity, this coffee-table hardcover chronicles 3+ decades of famous people who paid people to tell them they sang well. Highlights: a yellow-sweatshirted Scott Baio’s self-titled debut, the Fat Boys/Fridge Perry collab, 5 discs with Travolta in various states of undress, and Terry Bradshaw’s closing track “He’s The Man I’m Looking For” (Lynn Swann? Jimmy Johnson? Oh, the many men of Terry Bradshaw.). Check out some of the covers at and pick up the awful at Keep reading »

Friday Quickies!

  • New Sarah Haskins video! Yay! [Current]
  • Men tell their thoughts about women’s past sexual partners. [Tango]
  • A one-night stand can evolve into a relationship. [College Candy]
  • Here’s your guide to the Boys of Summer. [College Candy]
  • First kisses are special, but there are some things you never want to hear after that special moment. [Daily Bedpost]
  • Not all couples live together before marriage, so here are some tips for newlyweds moving in together. [Dear Sugar]
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    I Know He’s Hot! I Can Hear It In His Voice.

    Have you ever been attracted to someone whom you only heard, but had not seen? Well it turns out that through our senses, we are able to judge a potential mate’s health and reproductive genetics–reflected in the symmetry of their body–via the sound of his/her voice. In a recent study, published in the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, participants listened to recorded voices and rated the voices based on attractiveness according to nine characteristics, including approachability, intelligence, sexiness and warmth. The researchers found that men and women whose voices were deemed approachable, sexy and intelligent were the most attractive overall. And the voices rated the most attractive were from those whose bodies were the most symmetrical. But a sexy voice and symmetrical body have nothing to do with the attractiveness of a person’s face. And researchers are still unable to objectively quantify a “sexy voice.” [Tango] Keep reading »

    Kim Kardashian Too Bootylicious For Boyfriend

    Kim Kardashian is the finest piece of ass. But despite the admiration of the populous, the press, and Sir Mixalot, her moneymaker is going under-appreciated. How? Why?! Blame it on her man: Reggie Bush. Dude actually wants her to loose the extra junk in her trunk, her claim to fame. What?! Kimmie girl needs to listen to Beyonce’s Bootylicious on repeat, get some self-esteem, and ditch the douche. He’s clearly not ready for that jelly and as a rule for a media queen, only keep the things that work for you. [Celebitchy]

    Keep reading »

    Hotness Awards Nominations From Page Six!

    We’re asking some of our friends to tell us who they nominated for the Hotness Awards to give you a little inspiration. Today Corynne Steindler from totally addictive New York Post gossip column Page Six tells us her picks. Check ‘em out! Keep reading »

    Crave: Motivational Posters

    Posters with inspirational photos and quotes about “success” and “teamwork” don’t make us want to work any harder. No, they just make us think “Who designed this ugly poster?” and “Can’t my dentist hang something more attractive in his waiting room?” Yes, some of us need art that features more direct encouragement (and looks prettier), which is why we’re planning to hang the one that says “Get Your Sh*t Together” in our office. [$40 for 4 or $12 each, OrangeBeautiful on Etsy] Keep reading »

    The Emmy’s Reward Women, Rather Than Girls

    Being a woman of a certain age in Hollywood hasn’t been a desirable thing for a while, and roles tend to be few and far between once supple skin gets a little saggy and wrinkly. However, as much as we obsess over young celebs, it was the more established female crowd that won out in this year’s Emmy nominations. Only one actress nominated for an award, Ugly Betty‘s America Ferrera, is in her 20s. Almost all the Emmy-nominated actresses are older than 40, and those in their 40s are the young ones. Kyra Sedgwick, 42, is the youngest nominee for lead actress in a drama series (The Closer), and Laura Linney is the youngest to be nominated for lead actress in a miniseries or movie at age 44 (HBO’s John Adams). “People want to tune in to complex, interesting, quirky, unexpected, flawed characters, and that’s across the board, female and male,” said Rachel Griffiths, 39, nominated for Brothers & Sisters. “But the more mature actors maybe have an edge on confidence in terms of really owning those characters. I think as a young woman it’s considerably more difficult to amplify your unusual parts in quite the same way.” Why, because young women’s perky boobs are so distracting? However, it’s still a sad state in the world of movies. Like, WTF, Meryl Streep isn’t even mentioned on the movie posters for Mama Mia!?. However, after reading some of the movie’s reviews, maybe that’s better for her career. [AP] Keep reading »

    Gossip Girl Has The Best Ad Campaigns, Like, Ever

    Honestly, I don’t even realllllly like the show, but these ads always make me want to watch. I love seeing anyone thumb their nose at annoyingly shrill prudishness. Keep reading »

    Eight Ways To Have A Frisky Vacation

    Summertime is all about summer lovin’. How do you go get you some? By getting out of town. Here’s how we get frisky on vacation.

    1. Destination Comfortable Make sure your partner is into the vacation. Don’t drag your date to someplace they’d complain about, like taking a meat and potatoes guy to a vegan spa. You both want to be at ease, so you’ll be easy. Keep reading »

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