8 Celebrity Men Talking About Their Wangs

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Big breaking news! The last thing we thought Brian Williams would talk about in his Elle interview was his junk. How wrong we were. All it took was a conversation about pleated pants to get him to go there. The reporter said, “I actually have a close friend in DC who still wears pleats. His wife confessed to my wife that he couldn’t move to flat fronts because his penis was just too large.” And Brian replied, “Well, I’m with him. It’s a huge issue.” Whoa … Brian Williams can’t wear flat fronts? The nightly news will never be the same again. [Celebitchy]

After the jump, some more celebs pontificating on their peens.

Rant: When Is It Time To Say Goodbye On Facebook?

Just a moment ago, I excitedly clicked on my Facebook page to see that I’d gotten a message in my inbox. I clicked on it, and was annoyed to see yet another invite to J’s band’s show. Great. There’s another thing I won’t be doing Friday night. J., you see, was a guy I dated for a month about two and a half years ago — and I haven’t seen him, in person anyway, since. But he still regularly sends me invites to band gigs. Because we’re Facebook friends.
Keep reading »

This 101-Year-Old Granny Has More Tattoos Than I Do

Mimi Rosenthal is our kind of granny: To celebrate her 101st birthday, she got her third tattoo. At 99, Mimi got a blue butterfly tat and at 100 it was a sunflower on her arm. Last week Mimi got another yellow sunflower, but this time on her leg. Why so many tattoos on a senior citizen? Mimi says, “Why not?” [TampaBay.com] Keep reading »

What Got You First Considering Your Place As A Woman In The World?

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Today is Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of the day the 19th Amendment was signed and gave white women the right to vote. Exciting times for (some of) our great-grandmothers! We’re lucky to have grown up in America in a time when it’s not considered “radical” for women to vote, use birth control, or raise children and work. Instead, our generation is more likely to become interested in women’s rights and feminism by way of pop culture. So, in honor of Women’s Equality Day, we’ve shared what got us interested about our place as women in the world. Share your own stories in the comments!

West Bev Love Extends All The Way To Prague

And I thought I was the biggest “90210″ fan in the world. This trailer was spotted in a mostly abandoned amusement park in the Czech Republic. Greatest portrait of Donna Martin ever. [Flickr via The Daily What] Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I Cry After Sex

The first time it happened, I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. My partner and I had just had some pretty wild sex, and after catching out breath, we were shifting around in bed to snuggle when a tear rolled down my cheek. My guy reached over to brush it away, but when I looked up, I saw that his eyes had welled up too. Before I knew it, another few drops slid down my face. What was going on? We’d just had awesome sex. Why the hell were we crying? Keep reading »

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