Is It OK For An Elementary School Teacher To Have A Sordid Past?

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How would you feel if you knew your young child’s art teacher used to be a prostitute? This is the question at the heart of a news story making waves this week in New York City. Melissa Petro, a “well-liked” elementary school art teacher in the Bronx for the past three years, was recently reassigned to administrative duty after the school system caught wind of her history as a prostitute. Petro was never arrested and has no criminal record. So, how did the school find out about her past? Oh, because she blogged about it for the Huffington Post a couple of weeks ago.

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An Ode To Brittany, Our Favorite Gleek

Holy “Toxic” “Baby One More Time!” Tonight is the big Britney Spears episode of “Glee.” We are obviously excited for Britney‘s appearance as dentist John Stamos’ receptionist—after all, BritBrit’s guest-starring roles are usually awesome. But we’re even more excited because our favorite “Glee” character, Brittany, will finally get her chance to shine. Keep reading »

16 Dapper Actors From Days Of Yore

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Humphrey Bogart is the latest actor to come out of the closet. Well … posthumously. A new biography reveals that although he was a sex symbol who bedded most of Hollywood’s leading ladies and even married some of them, he was questioning his sexuality, to the point of considering suicide. That makes me sad considering a whole bunch of the sexiest actors of all time were bisexual or gay. Oh, Humphrey, we don’t care if you were into dudes, you were still all man. I miss that sexy manhood of old Hollywood à la Humphrey. Romance, ruggedness, charm: the hotness trifecta. Sexual preference … kind of irrelevant. They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore. [Daily Mail]

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One Way To Tell If You Like Someone

Although, there are exceptions made for particularly awful, skeezy, and lewd pick-up lines, of course. “I’m not too good at math, but U + I = 69″ would even take the hotness sheen off Mark Sanchez. [via I Love Charts] Keep reading »

The Daily Ovulation: Bulldog Leads, Baby Follows

Sophie the bulldog is doing better with “crawlie” and “kissy” than Isabelle the baby. Is it bad that this video makes me have pangs for a dog more than a kid? Fantasy pet, here I come. [BuzzFeed]
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The Down-Low On Mark Sanchez, New York Jets Quarterback

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We’re big fans of Mark Sanchez here at The Frisky. Not just because he looks great when he’s on the field playing quarterback for the Jets, but also because he looks great off the field, especially when he’s not wearing a shirt. Find out everything you need to know about “The Sanchise” with our handy guide, should you ever run into him in a bar.
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