5 Ways To Wear (Faux) Shearling This Season

asos shearling purse jpg
On a purse!: Asos Faux Shearling Bowler, $50.55, Asos

Sh-sh-shearling, sh-sh-shear it up! Try putting a cozier edge on your fall wardrobe by adding shearling details to your outwear and accessories. Check out these nice (and faux!) suggestions after the jump!

Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend Won’t Tell His Mom About Me”

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now and still haven’t met his mother. He is an only child of a single mom, so they’re very close. My boyfriend’s ex girlfriend, who has and continues to interfere in our relationship, lives in the same apartment complex as both my boyfriend and me (we all live in separate apartments). Well, my boyfriend’s mother likes to stay in contact with his ex because she’s known her for so long, and when she comes to visit about once a month, they all usually spend time in the local bar. This set-up has resulted in him not even telling his mother that we’re together and it makes it awkward for me because when she’s in town, I don’t want to go to the bar like I usually do because I don’t want to meet her as some random friend only later to tell her that I’m his girlfriend. He says that he’ll tell her soon, but he’s been saying that for awhile now. It doesn’t make sense to me because he talks about our future and even picked out kids’ names and what kind of house we’ll want and where we want to live. — Tired of Being a Secret

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This Month In Lady Mags: Getting Cozy With October

The October issues have gone on a diet. At least, they’ve slimmed down from last month’s fashion binge fest. So which one of these thinner volumes is the best to get you ready for fall? After the jump, we’ve rounded up the highlights from each magazine, so you can see which is worth your $3.99. Keep reading »

How To Know If A Guy Likes You

I have a basic philosophy for women who are dating that I outline in my book, Why He Disappeared. It’s called mirroring. Basically, it means you don’t do anything unless he does it first. You don’t call. You don’t text. You don’t make plans. If he doesn’t make an effort, that just means he’s not very motivated to be your partner. Case closed. Frankly, I find mirroring to be close to foolproof. But nothing in life is perfect. It’s entirely possible that you can “do nothing” (as I advocate), and the man pulls away, saying “you don’t make enough of an effort for me.” Is that possible? Sure. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop mirroring. Keep reading »

Gemma Arterton Will Walk Off Movie Sets

“I want to enjoy the work I do. I’m looking at working with people I get on with, that respect me, that don’t just see me as a piece of ass. Which I have experienced as well. … I’ve nearly walked off very big films before, and I would, because I don’t want that in my life. “

—Actress Gemma Arterton, 24, on being disrespected on film sets. Hmm, which films could this Bond girl be talking about? “Quantum of Solace”? “Prince of Persia”? Or maybe it was “Tess of the d’Ubervilles”!

After the jump, more from Gemma on the roles for women in Hollywood. Keep reading »

7 Kama Sutra Sex Tips To Avoid

Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra was a strategy guide for the interaction of penises and vaginas in Gupta-era India (320 to 550 CE), meant to be read by sexual partners to enhance their lovemaking. Well, it turns out there’s a big difference between adopting moral platitudes from thousands of years ago, and trying out their sex advice. Some of the “tips” from the Kama Sutra seem to be setting people up for serious injury should they be performed incorrectly, or in some cases, if they’re performed at all. Read more Keep reading »

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