Cheapskate: J.Crew Semi-Annual Sale

By: Annika Harris / January 14, 2011

I’m sure you can guess who alerted me to J.Crew’s semi-annual sale this morning. [Who?!?! — Editor] And if you can’t, then I’ll tell you it was Amelia, of course. [Oh yeah. — Editor] We both are big fans of J.Crew, especially the semi-annual sale because a ton of current season clothes are reduced –… More »

7 Ways To Avoid The Friend Zone

By: Wendy Atterberry / January 14, 2011

If you’re one of those girls who has a host of men in her life, but no one to bring to a wedding, you can’t remember the last time you had sex and it didn’t qualify as a “friends with benefits” situation, and you always end up being some sort of dating coach to the… More »

Michelle Williams’ Mom Wishes She Was Dating Ryan Gosling Too

By: Julie Gerstein / January 14, 2011

“My poor mom really wants me to meet someone. I think she wanted to believe the Ryan Gosling rumor more than anybody.”Michelle Williams admits her mom is just as into her dating Ryan Gosling, her “Blue Valentine” co-star, as the rest of the world [Marie Claire]… More »

7 Celebrity Dogs Gone Wild

By: Ami Angelowicz / January 14, 2011

Adorable Baby Panda Makes Even More Adorable Noises

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 14, 2011

I would like to dedicate this video to Jessica, who is off today, moving her stuff out of the place she shared with He Who Shall Not Be Named Because He Is Lame. She loves baby pandas. As Jess would say, “Squeeeeeee!”… More »

I Want Ben Minkoff

By: Annika Harris / January 14, 2011

Meet the newest object of my affection: the Gregger Leather Tote. Gregger (yes we’re on a first name basis already) is part of the Ben Minkoff collection, Rebecca Minkoff’s latest line of men’s bags. This tote has a modern military vibe and a removable laptop sleeve. The rest of the collection include leather messengers, iPad… More »