Dear Wendy: “My Husband Hits Me, But I’m Scared To Leave Him”

I’ve been married for four years and during that time, there have been three physical fights where my husband has hurt me. I’ve stayed with him because he’s been “my person” for seven years. The person who knows everything about me … and why I do the things I do or like the things I do. He’s the father of my child, and if I left I don’t want my son growing up knowing he has an abusive father. Plus, when I hurt my neck really bad — and was on pain killers/muscle relaxers and going to physical therapy — he took care of me and the house so I could recover. But then the third incident happened six weeks ago, and I finally saw everything in black and white.

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9 Celebs Who Will Always Be One Character

angela chase 100110 jpg
Every time we look at Claire Danes in those terrible Latisse commercials, we freeze up — that cannot be the same incredible talent who played Angela Chase on “My So-Called Life”!

We will always think of Claire Danes as Angela Chase, despite her turn as autistic cowgirl Temple Grandin or any other role she might take. Try as she might, Claire Danes is permanently Angela. Click through to see eight other actors who never quite escaped their signature role — and tell us in the comments which actors you’ll always associate with one particular character.

10 Celebrities Accused Of Boyfriend Poaching

stealer emma watson jpg
I can’t imagine adorable Emma Watson doing one mean thing in her life, except perhaps for performing Avada Kedavra on a Death Eater. But others obviously didn’t hold the same opinion, because blogs and tabloids were a buzz this week with her attempts to steal Robert Pattinson from Kristen Stewart. Apparently K-Stew, who still hasn’t acknowledged this relationship, thought Watson would nab her man if they ended up being cast together in the film “Dark Arc.” Please! If Watson wanted R-Patz she would have scooped him up when he was playing sex bomb Cedric Diggory in “Goblet of Fire.” Watson’s reps backed up their client, releasing a statement that the rumor was pure fabrication. [People]

Emma hasn’t been the only celeb chica we were surprised to find wrapped up in a boyfriend-stealing scandal. See what other stars have been accused of this major girl-on-girl crime.

Jillian Harris Reveals The Real Reason She Dumped Ed Swiderski

“It’s terrible to leave because the other person doesn’t know what they want … He’s not a bad guy, he’s just not quite ready to grow up.”

—”Bachelorette” Jillian Harris on why she split with fiance Ed Swiderski. A very diplomatic way of saying he’s an immature douche. Duh. We could have told her that. [US Weekly] Keep reading »

At The Boys’ Club: What Women Want Men To Notice

According to AskMen, there are a few things women want men to notice about them.

“Unlike men who can get away with rolling out of bed, throwing on some semi-clean clothes and doing a bit of minor grooming, women spend a ton of time and money on their appearance. Sure, they dress and groom in order to feel good about themselves, but the idea of being attractive to men is never far from their minds either. Unfortunately, a lady’s efforts are too often overlooked by male admirers who may appreciate the look as a whole, but don’t notice the little things that go into it.”

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Style Stealer: Leona Lewis’ Sweater Coat

Brit singer and Simon Cowell buddy Leona Lewis has one of the best clothing items for the fall climate — a sweater coat! Not quite a coat, but more substantial than a regular cardigan, the sweater coat just might become your favorite companion as you brave the unpredictable fall weather. We especially like the ones with unusual patterns and textures, but simple neutrals is a great place to start if you’re new to the trend. See how you can steal Leona’s style after the jump. Keep reading »

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