NY Times Stupefied By Women Who Love Their Small Busts

Holy crap! Believe it or not, there are some women out there who have small boobs and actually like them. Shocked by this notion, The New York Times examines the beguiling trend of A-cups who aren’t trying to be D-cups.

The crux of the article: Small-breasted women are embracing their lack of curves — and specialty lingerie shops have begun to realize that small-boobed women wand to look and feel sexy, too.

Our question: How is this at all news? Women of all body types and shapes should embrace their sexiness — regardless of cup size. And it doesn’t take a NY Times trend story on boobs to know that. [New York Times] Keep reading »

The Frisky Staff’s 9 Guilty Pleasures

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I’m not proud of myself, but yesterday, my roommate walked in on me chugging sprinkles out of a tub and watching “Yo Gabba Gabba.” Busted! I was having a good time, indulging my craving for children’s television and ice cream toppings. Sometimes it feels so good to be so bad! But I’m not the only Frisky staffer with a guilty pleasure. Here how the other gals like to do it up. And please, divulge yours in the comments….

Carla Bruni Told She “Deserves To Die” For Supporting Iranian Woman Sentenced For Adultery

Avid readers of Today’s Lady News have no doubt been following the story of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year-old Iranian woman who has been sentenced to death for adultery. Ashtiani is accused of cheating on her husband and then conspiring to have him killed; she was sentenced to 99 lashes, which she’s received, and death by stoning. After an international outcry that death by stoning was too cruel, Iran changed the sentence to death by hanging. However, her lawyer also fled Iran to Norway in fear when he learned the government planned to arrest him.

Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France and a musician/model/actress who was known for her colorful sexual escapades before she married President Nicolas Sarkozy, has spoken up for Ashtiani and said no one should be murdered for their sexual behavior. Earlier this week, a state-run newspaper in Iran called Bruni a “prostitute” and then said she “deserves to die” for supporting an “adulteress.” Keep reading »

Quotable: Chelsea Handler Cleverly Explains Her Breakup With Animal Planet Hunk

“Up until a couple weeks ago, I was working very intimately with the Animal Planet, but unfortunately, that contract was terminated. However, I enjoyed being in bed with them and may hook up for an occasional project.”

– Chelsea Handler joked about her breakup with Dave Salmoni on “Chelsea Lately” last night, hinting that there would be some ex-sex in her future. [E! Online] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy Updates: “Not A Chubby Chaser” Responds

Hey, are you someone I’ve given advice to in the past? Do you have an update on your situation you’re willing to share? Email me at {encode=”dearwendy@thefrisky.com” title=”dearwendy@thefrisky.com”} with a link to the original post, and let me know whether you followed the advice and how you’re doing now. Today we hear a “Shortcuts” update from “Not a Chubby Chaser,” whose sweet and confident boyfriend was “wonderful in almost every aspect,” except that he was “full-on overweight.” She asked, “How do I tell him, ‘You’re great, but I won’t date you because I’m not sexually attracted to you, Fatty. Lose some weight and I’ll do you!’ but in a waaaay nicer way?” I responded: “If he’s as sweet, considerate, fun, and ‘super confident’ as you say, he won’t have any problem finding a woman who loves him as he is, extra pounds and all.” So, did she decide to let him go and let some other girl have a shot with him? Did she tell him to drop the extra pounds? Are they still together? Find out after the jump. Keep reading »

Kim Kardashian Gropes Some Naked Dudes On The Cover Of “Prestige”

I’m happy that, for once, a magazine opted not to put Kim Kardashian in a bikini for a cover shoot. On this cover of Prestige magazine, Kim is clothed and it’s the male models who are showing off their bods. When Kim posted the image on her blog today, she wrote, “This might be one of my most risque covers to date!” What do you think? Keep reading »

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